Touch Me, Honey

Elk Entertainment Romance

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After a near fatal incident, James Parker, the heir to his family's vast fortune, has a serious problem. Every time he gets intimate with a woman, no matter how beautiful or sexy they are, he cannot get hard.

However, when James comes across a young woman named Bella, he discovers she may be the key to solving his problem.

Yet a solution always seems to be just out of reach. Will James ever become the man he was destined to be?


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Chapter 258 - The Wedding

As they had time to kill, Tony took the chance to tell Sybil about James’ idea.

“Sybil, James wanted you to be in charge of the new designs.”

Without hesitation, she replied, “I’ll do it!”

“But it’s going to be hard. And time is limited…”

“I can do it! I will go to the company tomorrow,” Sybil insisted.