Cataclysmic Bowel Movement

Timodummy Dummy Fantasy

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Severely depressed 16-year-old Timotheé is on the verge of giving up everything in his life — friends (he has none), family (a deadbeat father), hobbies (staring the plain, hepa-colored wall in his bedroom for precisely 10 minutes everyday) until one, regular trip to the toilet changes his life, giving him a world he never believe he could ever have. A world perfectly designed from his darkest, deepest thoughts. A world filling up all the emptiness he's been feeling inside while living in the nothingness of his previous life. A new world worth all the destruction of the old world. Or is it?


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The Catalyst of the Destruction

An old, bed bug-ridden paperback book flies across the living room to a drooling Timotheé on the couch, sleeping. He jumps out of the couch, flabbergasted.

“Someone has been knocking on the door for fucking ages! Check who that idiot is!”, his father, Glenn, exclaims.

Timotheé squints due to the brightness of th……