A Terran's Justice

Thomas Godfrey Fantasy

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In the future, after mankind has crawled from the cold womb of Terra's oceans, and after fighting in a brutal and bloody war to solidify themselves in the galactic super community, an old war criminal and his gang of thugs are hired by an order of religious fanatics to tear up a small town on a remote world in order to retrieve an artifact of universe-ending power. Amidst this, an exile from the order rushes to rally a rag-tag team of criminals, vigilantes, and war heroes in order to stop this threat before it can be used to bring justice upon the universe.


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Boom Town

“Long time no see,” Francis said to Harry as the masked vigilante removed said mask. Harry’s face was remarkably unmarked and he had a head of brown hair that hang around his head like a bush. “You kept your hair.”

“Being a P.O.W has its ups I guess,” the other man replied. Francis smiled and walked toward his friend, embracing him in a st……