The Cursed Throne

Strangeguy Action

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After the 3rd Great World War also known as the 'Great Nuclear War', 60% of the Earth's population was wiped out. But because of the raditions the remaining 40 % was evolved.

500 years after the great world war, world changed completely. Somewhere in a dark alley, a boy covered in blood was rescued by a policeman during his patrol. Who is this boy? Why is he injured so seriously?

Btw guys, Genre for this novel is actually Sci-fi & Fantasy.....i chose Action by mistake and now i don't know how to change it, so yeah its an sci-fi & fantasy book......


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Chapter 6

Daisy Riley was extremely pampered and spoiled since she was young. Because her Mother died just after giving birth to her, she was even more spoiled by her father. So she was always very arrogant. But regardless of her arrogance, she never used her power or position to bully the weak. From when she was little, she always admired the ally of jus……