Seven In One

Random Writer Romance

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A normal family. Two normal parents with a normal child.

The child was perfect in their eyes. In school she got straight A's, was in the student counsel, participated in many different after school activities, and was friends with everyone.

After an accident that couldn't really be defined as horrible, the school and the parents started holding many secrets. One being that the child that was seemingly perfect, was not one but seven.

Another one being that they all didn't agree on whether they were good.

"Hello! My Names Eilenne!"

"My name is Eval. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"HEY! My name is En."

"Names Envi."

"M-my N-name i-is E-Eva. N-Nice t-to m-meet y-you."

"Hello~ My name is Evagiline. Very nice to experience your presence~"

".... My name is Elizabeth. I'm sorry for the disturbance. They could be a bit rowdy. Good night."


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