Not Ophelia

JocelynWrite Suspense/Thriller

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Aurelia and Ophelia were known as the Lias, the sassy girl gang of WestLynn High. They were destined to be best friends for life, until tragedy strikes two weeks before Ophelia's 18th birthday. In the middle of Biology she drops dead. Heart broken and angry, Aurelia shuts away the world until her best friend's memorial where she accepts an invitation for a farewell dinner with Ophelia's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Baker. Everything goes well until her first bite of dessert. She wakes up the next morning with a foggy head as she realizes not only was she drugged, but was chained to Ophelia's bed. Aurelia quickly learns that as close as she was to Ophelia, there was so little she knew about her family and the cult they belonged to. The night of the red moon is coming, and the Bakers still need a sacrifice. 


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