Breaking The Bad Boy

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Standing face to face, right in front of my worst enemy, Beatrice. We were so close together, I could feel her ragged breathing on my neck. I could tell she was nervous, but so was I.

"What do you want, Beatrice?"

"You'll do anything, won't you?" Beatrice smirks, a little amusement in her eyes.

Kathy looks at me with pure shock, shaking her head at me while mouthing the words, DON'T DO THIS LIZZY.

"They call you the dare queen right? Accepting every dare anyone can possibly throw at your little turd face. Well, then.

I ,Beatrice Zinger, dare you Elizabeth Rustanberg to BREAK . FRANCISCO . ADAMS' . HEART."



She calls him ' Devil' , he calls her ,'Girly '.

Francisco Adams is known as the school's bad boy, or also the 200 pound walking hotness. He goes around sleeping with all the girls. However, he still gets the best grades in the entire school.

Elizabeth Rustanberg is a total dare queen. She accepts any dares from absolutely anyone. She has never bailed or failed a dare. Ever.

One day, while Elizabeth is trying to have a peaceful lunch with her friends in the cafeteria, she gets caught up in a heated mess with her enemy, Beatrice. Who dares her to break Francisco's heart.

Just one thing, there's a flaw in her plan.

She just might, just might, be falling for him. FAST.


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"I never ever thought I'd like you this much, and I never ever planned to have you on my mind this often."

I'm sorry, this chapter has A LOT of foul language. ☺

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