Loving You (ManxMan)

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The one where the jock and the wallflower meet after six years.

Alfie really shouldn't have gone to the reunion. He should have just stayed home and watched the Harry Potter marathon showing on ABC but his dad and best friend had urged him to. He learns a couple of things that night, things that he would have preferred not to know about. Things he could have lived without.

He also learns he's still in love with the boy who had let him go. 


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Epilogue | The End

Alfie was nervous and at the same time has never been as sure about anything in his life as he is about the decision that led him to stand in front of Crisanto's door at ten-thirty in the morning. He, Fatima and Arjun had picked out black leggings, a tshirt with the word love love, love written on it and had given him a small tin containing foot……