Cause They Craved Sex

Saniya Akbar Suspense/Thriller

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She was raped
she was tortured
she feared men
her tears held pain
yet, she was fire!!

Tiara Millan, the youngest daughter of the Millan family was raped by a gang of men, brutally tortured and left to die alone but she is not your regular innocent girl.

surviving the most horrific night of her life, she emerges as the strongest women alive. Now she's on a mission to give all the criminals what they deserve, In the process, unknowingly turning herself into a role model for all the rape victims surviving.

Follow her journey as she takes her revenge and proves the world that a rape victim can survive as well and that too like a normal human being!!


Tags: murderrevengeforcedWriting challenge
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Chapter 5

The room was dark, so dark that if the fire was not burning at the fireplace then no one would be able to see anything. Loud music blared, people danced while drunk.

Amongst the drunk people sat a man in his mid twenties,  his face gave the look of a criminal. He too had a glass of wine in his hands. His hairs looked like he had dye……