Alpha, Do I Know You?

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Evangeline Rosewood was young when she was adopted into a pack of wolves that constantly abused her, even her mate rejected her—all because they thought she is human.

However, what they don't know is that she is a werewolf just waiting for the right time to search for her pack, the Rosewood pack in her memories.
Now when the group that has been killing werewolf packs has reached near them, Evangeline decides that the time is right and leaves to help the pack that has been attacked, because the danger is far from over.

With powers she's only beginning to realize, Evangeline is caught in the throes of a werewolf adventure that has never been seen before as she juggles searching for her own pack, helping the others, and discovering who she is.
BOOK 2: CHASING AFTER ASHES (now available at Dreame)


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Chapter 31: Epilogue

Seconds later, when Illia had already been healed thoroughly, I gently pulled and carried him on my shoulders, ready to leave this place. There were going to be warlocks and other werewolves in this place that we have to go through, but I didn’t care. I was going to do everything that I could, so we could leave this place, no matter if I am real……