LEGACY one made out of blood

Ritzy Fantasy

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My name is Themis and I am not supposed to be alive.

I survived the hunt which a maiden had not survived for hundreds of years and now I am saddled with a husband.

Waves from both the empire and outside the empire are coming. I might be dead at the end but I will try my best to be alive.

I will use everything in my arsenal.

Including my gift of prophesy. Even if the gift will get me killed.

My name is Themis and this is my story.


Tags: Fantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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We got back to the settlement close to night, there was still enough light for Dyane to take her bath and wear a new dress, she was shocked when Orel chose the clothes for her instead of the jewelries and when she asked me why, I told her that it was because if Orel brought me another piece of jewelry again, I might be tempted to take his head o……