Fino alla Fine

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Meet Vanessa, a sassy spitfire with nothing to lose. Except her daughter of course.
What happens when circumstances brought upon her by the woman who had given birth to her , lead her into the clutches of Valentino, one half of a twin and one obnoxiously gorgeous, short tempered, arrogant son of a bitch, according to Vanessa at least...
Follow their journey to find out if Vanessa would be hit by a bullet or cupids arrow.


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Should i do a short sequel?

Hello all... I've been great thanks for asking lol how are you guys? So I've taken sort of a writing hiatus. I haven't put anything out within the last year and I feel as if I'm kind of...maybe... possibly! ready to get back to it! Lmao soooooooo what would you guys think about a mini sequel?

It most definitely won't be a full b……