Earth's Core

Lonahora Earth's Core Fantasy

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A catastrophe occurs. Humanity and beasts escape to a world beneath the earth. Discoveries are made and humans and beasts transcend. Years pass. Wars shape territories and sovereign forces are formed in the new world, below the earth. In this world, where the strong is dominant, a boy with great potential and aspirations for strength is born. Will this boy strive and achieve his dreams or will he be crushed by the callous Martial world?


Tags: adventureindependentdecisiveseriousmysteryambitioussmall townmagical worldmultiverseweak to strong
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Beyond And Beyond 2

Of course, Zax did not need to contemplate in order to understand the Infernal in him Nature used as a medium.

It was impossible for Nature to terminate his fusion with Kendra and Human. Whether it had the means to interfere to a degree with the fusion or not, an entity with the capacity to devour it and move on from the Void World was abo……