The Playboy's Bodyguard

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"I said.." I held his gaze. "Make love to me.."

"I heard you clearly. And I suggested you not to ask that again." he moved upward.

Damn. I thought this would be as easy as killing my target.

"Do I need to beg?" I stopped him.

His face was darkened when he gazed me. "Why do you want? Did I make you feel horny? I know it's my fault, I'm sorry.. I just really want to-"

"Don't you like me?" my lips trembled on that question. I felt I was rejected by him. He's really a jerk for misleading me that he liked me somehow. "I-I understand." I nodded when I got no answer from him, I get it. I let go of his hand and looked down.

"You don't really understand. Don't you?" he snatched my hand and pulled me into him. I was shocked with his action. Why we almost kissed each other. "Do you really understand what you were asking for Axl Singson?"

I was speechless with our closeness.

"You awakened the beast in me, sweetie." he whispered. "There's no turning back now." then his lips covered mine.


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My unwavering smile even went wider when I met his gaze, off from the stage I rushed to him.

"Congratulations!" he pulled me for a hug.

"Thanks!" I hugged him back.

Today, I could finally take home my degree. At long last.

"Do you want to have some photos with your colleagues?"

I raised him a brow.

"I wa……