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This is the sequence of the book Accidental pregnancy.

Oliver and Isabella is two opposite pole of a magnet.

Oliver Nara is the CEO of Nara enterprise is an arrogant, womanizer who lost he believes in Love when his previous love cheated on him with his best friend Until he meets Isabella Wardrobe.
Isabella Wardrobe is the only daughter of a billionaire and the owner of the wardrobe enterprises Xavier Wardrobe. She is an innocent, sweet, loving and caring person whose parent doesn’t let her out of their house and homeschooled her because her parents love her too much to show her the harsh reality of the world.
But one day she got tired of being a prisoner at home and decided to run away with her two best friends. Will she able to handle the harsh reality of the world? What happens when they meet? Will Oliver able to protect her from his past?


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Chapter - 11

 (Izabella P.O.V)

I wake up early in the morning with a small headache, I sit up on the bed, and take the pain killer kept on the nightstand, and gulp it down with a glass of water. I get out of bed and walk inside the washroom to do my business, then I brush my hair and brush my teeth, then walk out from the feeling better.&nb……