Mr. Popular and Me

Rayven Fox LGBT+

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Evan is a student that everyone avoids, Waeland is the most popular student in the school, aka; Mr. Popular.

Evan isn't afraid to say what he wants to people, but he never allows anyone to get close to him, leaving him a loner. This piques Waeland's interest and he decides to try and take a shot at Evan to see if he can get under that hard shell of his.

Will the persistent Mr. Popular be able to break through Evan's walls, or will his fear of losing his reputation ruin everything?


Tags: dramacomedyhumorousfirst lovefriendshipself discoverschoolmxmgay
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Uncensored Chapter!

WARNING: This chapter is well, you can tell by the title, a smut chapter. It is from the Christmas special chapter pt. 2, so this is the uncensored version. I have never written a chapter like this in my life so please excuse me if it's awful. Also, this chapter has content for mature audiences, but I'm sure you're going to read it either way……