• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Wild Ride

    Diana had the perfect life, Until she didn't. Her mom was her best friend, they did everything together, Until she got cancer and died. Her dad was her hero, strong, confident, she was his princess, Until he lost his wife and started resenting his daughter. His started drinking, That was when her nightmare started. She tried to hide her bruises, It didn't help. She tried to run away, He found her and locked her away. She ran, He died. Then Hunter Wilde saved her. He became her world. Until he pushed her away, Now she has to pick up the pieces of her life. --------------------------------------------------- This story follows Diana Greyson and Hunter Wilde. Two people who became friends in high school, lost touch in college, and find their way back to each other. ---------------------------------------------------- There have been some changes to the story. As you know this story is ongoing and going through edits. I have been writing and uploading chapters as often as I can and things have changed a bit. I decided to remove the prologue and just start from the beginning. This story is a work in progress and I want to do it right. So please bear with me and comment your thoughts.


  • 3.The Abused Luna

    Aurora stood frozen when she saw her mate chance kissing her sister Andrea in front of Everyone. what shocked her more was that, both chance and Andrea said that they were mates and Andrea accepted his proposal for marriage. she runs and cries her eyes out in the forest. hearing the footsteps coming from behind her, she turned to see chance standing behind her. she gets up and leans upon the tree behind her. seeing her face, chance laughed and said the words she thought of hearing from her mate. " I, chance Gary,future gamma of the violet moon pack, reject Aurora Bentick as my mate" he says without any expression on his face. Aurora lost her footing and slid down the tree bark and fell on the ground. gaining her courage, she asked him "why??". "because I want power, which only the alpha beloved daughter, your sister could give me. not you, the hated daughter of the alpha" he said casually. " want to know a interesting thing" chance bent down to her level and whispered something that made her stop breathing in shock. ,..................... meet Aurora Bentick, the hated daughter of the alpha. she was made slave of the pack for the mistake they blamed on her. hated my her family, her first mate reject her for more power. then she found that she have a second chance mate. but will her second mate accept her and save her from the hell she was experiencing. or he would feel ashamed to accept a slave of the pack as his mate and would reject her again. can Aurora have her happy ending away from her suffering? follow the story of Aurora, on her journey of finding herself and her happiness while facing the challenges life throw at her.


  • 4.But I Rejected You

    "I, Ryder Ajani Jordon, of the Crescent Wolf Pack, reject you" ....Then he walks away. Sabrina whimpers. She's broken, I'm broken. If what they say about being a rejected mate is true, then, I'm sure, I'm as good as dead now. What happens when the rejected mate is marked by a cruel playboy Alpha before she even accepts her mates rejection?


  • 5.The Billionaire's Brother

    Fall For A Billionaire - Billionaire Romantic Suspense - Stary Writing Academy III Contest Steamy | Rom-Com | Contemporary | Interracial | Suspense | Stalker If you like A Billionaire's Baby, you will love this! This is a story about Jaden Forest, the loveable charming brother of Max Forest. If you haven't read A Billionaire's Baby, don't worry, you can still read this as a standalone (or you can head on over and read it now, A Billionaire's Baby is completed so no waiting!). Nila K is being forced into an arranged marriage by her traditional parents unless she finds a boyfriend to present to them. When she met the carefree and charming Jaden Forest, she felt he was the perfect man to win over her parents as her pretend boyfriend. However, she is wary of men and afraid of forming serious relationships after having to fled her hometown due to a dangerous secret. Jaden Forest had spent two years travelling all over Asia before deciding on settling down in dreamy tropical island, Penang, in Malaysia. He believed he has found his calling as an artist and this small island has a thriving art scene. When he met the mysterious Nila K for the first time he was smitten. Although he has had many flings in his life, this gorgeous woman had stolen his heart and he would do anything to get her to fall in love with him too. However, something lurks in the dark. Someone is out to separate them, someone intent on taking Nila K for themselves, someone dangerous. Who is it? Will they finally find out who is behind the threats she has been getting? Will they overcome the obstacles between them to finally become a real couple?

    O Lynn

  • 6.Cinderella and Her Mate

    Aspen has always been Cinderella for as long as she could remember. She knows that her parents and the pack that she was apart of was killed, but by who still remains a mystery to her. What happens when Alpha Jack, the billionaire and bachelor, enters her life?

    Kitty Victoria Woods

  • 7.My Alpha mate from a different realm

    Mila Lind was running through the woods. Trying to get away from the group of bullies that have been after her for a while. She's running in the dark trying to find somewhere she could hide. She see a light in front of her and she's running towards it. She runs through the clearing where the light is coming from and once she is through she realizes that night has become day and she's in a place she never been in before. Mila decides to follow the road in front of her that will take her to a unknown adventure filled with supernatural beings, love, dangers and friendships.


  • 8.Love at First Bite

    Five years can change many things about a person, and for Nicki stars, Justin Omsford and his little brother Dylan, it did. When the three of them come face to face for the first time in five years, they see how much time can really change a person. What happens when an ancient prophecy comes to light? Will the three of them learn to forgive and forget and work together? Or will the world they know come crashing down at their feet?

    Nik Taylor

  • 9.Back with my billionaire ex-husband

    Irena married to a billionaire. With reasons best known to Liam he asked for a divorce even after the divorce Irena still didn't know the reason for the divorce they had a 14 years old daughter that is sick so because of the health issue they didn't think it was right to tell her but now she is coming back home after 1 year if her parents divorce

    Azu Peace

  • 10.Hidden Gem

    Ruby is a paralegal executive assistant extraordinaire, juggling a busy work life with keeping legal guardianship of her younger sister. She barely has time for romance, especially when she's been secretly in love with her boss of three years, Bradley Carmichael. She hopes that one day she'll catch his eye but it hasn't worked out yet. But then Bradley's older and domineering brother Eric crashes into her life and disturbs her like no one ever has before.

    Luisa Gomes

  • 11.Infinity

    Marian / Ariane Vicente is a single mother of a 7 year old bright boy who embraced all the hardships alone. A smart fashionable woman working as a Branch Manager of a well-known Apparel and Fashion Brand. Until a friend request pops in from her mobile phone, a childhood classmate named Paulo Valencia. Will there be a romance coming in Ariane's way? Will he be Paulo Valencia? Let's find out.

    Elijah Peji

  • 12.Magical Journey of the Elf Queen

    Eva thought she would always be that ordinary girl no one took notice of, another forgettable face destined for a mundane life, but fate proved her wrong. She's a faerie child born to a tribe who refers to themselves as Winged Elves. When she enters the incredible world of Faerie, she finds herself not only tasked with helping the entire Faerie clan survive, but also having to fight her evil half-aunt. To make matters worse, her best friend seems to be keeping a huge secret from her as well.... Where will Eva go from here?

    Blessing Ewetumo

  • 13.The Wolf Games

    Sasha is a special she-wolf who lives among the humans in Rome. Her life changes when she sleeps with her best friend Massimo the night before she leaves for California to compete in the Wolf Games. Not only is Sasha confused about her feelings for Massimo but she also develops feelings for Alpha Erik.

    chrissy vee