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The Immortal Emperor of Immortal Realm lost his life at the crucial moment in his ascention to Godhood. He was ambushed by his trusted friends and disciple, miraclye he returned to earth in his oldself's body and this time blood will rain of those who will stand in his way.

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The Sacrifice
In the immortal realm, At the peak of a lonely mountain, the cloud starts rumbling and the sky starts getting dark within a few minutes, the previous serene atmosphere gets changed and lightning starts flashing in the sky and thunder strikes down on the peak of the mountain. On the peak of this mountain, a figure can be seen seated there cross legged, the figure was deep in meditation, suddenly the figure opened his eyes. “Hhahahah, today I will ascend to godhood not even heaven will be able to stop me” said the figure arrogantly while gazing at the sky. “With this god stone my ascension is absolute, i have waited 10,000 years for this day, i have killed countless mans and woman, destroyed countless sects and valleys, killed everyone in my path to finally achieved the immortal emperor's throne but now i will finally achieve my heart desire, today i will become a god and ascend to the God Realm.”said the figure while holding a jet black pentagonal stone with countless blood red line covering it and pulsing like it was alive. This figure is the cosmic immortal emperor of the immortal realm also known as The Black Immortal, most powerful man in the entire immortal realm and today is his day of ascension. While he was celebrating his soon to be Godhood suddenly various figures started approaching him.they form a circle around him and the leading figure says”teacher, you won’t get to live to achieve your dream. Give me the god stone and maybe I will have mercy on you. The black immortal shouted at the leader of the group” ungrateful brat, how dare you to show your face to me. I banished you after the atrocity you committed by killing your junior brother and now you dare to ask me for the god stone, have you forgotten that it was i who free you from slavery and took care of, it was i who took you as my apprentice and teach you every thing but how did you repay me by collaborating with my enemies and killing your junior brother” The leader of the group sneered and said '” i didn’t ask you to free me and i killed that brat because you were going to give him your inheritance while it was my right, and the god stone also belong to me as your first disciple but no, you have to give him that too. The black immortal replied”I give him the god stone because he was more talented than you and who told you that i was giving my inheritance to him. It was the test I made to choose the rightful heir between you two, but you disappointed me. The leader said” it doesn’t matter now i will have that god stone from your body, attack everyone”. Just like that the fight broke out, the leader summoned his sword and attacked the black immortal, which he deflected by summoning a shield. The clash between them results in heavy damage to the area and the mountain starts shaking, lightning bolts start descending on the mountain. Everybody starts using their full powers because they know that no one amongst them is eligible to confront him alone. The black immortal said while defending himself” even you guys betrayed me hah, yellow immortal, fairy queen, sea emperor, fire emperor. You were my most trusted friends so why”. The fire emperor said while summoning a giant fireball” we were never your friend, we befriended you because you were most powerful among all of us, but now with the power of beast god race, we can kill you and ascend to the god realm using the god stone”. The black immortal shouted” you fools, the beast god race are the invaders and only one of you can use the god stone. You guys have lost your mind if you think that they will let you use the god stone, the god stone is the key to the god realm if they get there hand of it they will be able to crack the dimensional barrier and invade us and you are helping them instead to retaliating them, you are traitors to everyone in this realm and i am going to kill every single one of you, even if i have to die today”. He started attacking everyone,he teleport-ed behind the fire emperor and trusted his sword into his heart, then he slashed at the fairy queen and detached her head from her torso, then he kicked his disciple and again slashed at him but he only managed to sever his left arm. Seeing their comrades getting killed they start attacking him together, but they were only able to counter him. No matter how much they tried they were not able to kill him. The leader of the group said ``I think we have to use that”. The yellow emperor said” OK fine, i don't think we will be able to kill this guy with our own. Having said that all three of them took out a purple crystal pulsating with dark energy. They then eat that crustal and suddenly they start transforming into various humanoid beasts, the yellow immortal takes the form of a lion-like beast’s appearance with horns , the sea emperor becomes a hybrid between a red octopus and a black bellied shark and the leader of their group becomes a giant snake. “Huh...why i am not surprised, you traitors even changed your race to get power and between you traitors my former disciple you took the appearance that you really represent, after all you are a snake” he taunted them and got ready for their attack. They roared at him and attacked, but this time they were able to injure him. They continued to fight and as the time passed he got more and more injured, but they were also not safe, they suffered heavy loss, most of their skin was burned and in some places a big chunk of flesh was missing. Huff….hufff...you traitors will never succeed, if i can’t get ascend i will sacrifice myself to protect this world” saying that the black immortal super charge his energy core and detonate it. The leader of the group shouted” stop that mad fool, or everyone will die”. They all charged at him but they were too late the core got detonated and a huge blast formed destroying everything in that region, but surprisingly they all were safe beside heavenly damaged bodies, they reverted back into their human forms and started checking the area but neither they found the black immortal or the god stone. What are you going to answer the high beast marshal, we lost the god stone” said the sea emperor while looking at the leader. “I don't know….but it's good news that the mad man has died. At least we will now have no one to resist us when we start our expansion,” said the leader. What no one noticed was that a small wisp of light passed through the cracks formed in the sky because of the blast.

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