Denied by the Alpha

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[ON GOING] ❝Make sure that if you wanted to kill yourself, I am not present in the damn environment to stop you.❞ His voice was cold, and it had burned my skin. The very words that came from his mouth made me question why I am even alive.

- -

Mint had lived her life is nothing but abuse and people degrading her life. For years and end, she had only chosen to live and survive the cruel world with the thought that she will soon be saved by her mate who will break every wall and give her an escape from everything that is hurting her now.

Only the truth would come knocking her down her knees when she found herself mated to the very Alpha who was known to torture and kill both rogues and omega with a passion—the infamous persecutor, Alpha Leighton. With her tears drenched face, Mint could only pray to the Moon Goddess to send someone who will love her enough not to seek death as her only escape.

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Denied by the Alpha. Alpha Male Series Book #3 [small disclaimer:  no, you don't need to read any other books to understand any of the stuff happening here! you're good!]    i. epigraph “she is delightfully c h a o t i c; a beautiful mess. loving her is a splendid a d v e n t u r e          —steve maraboli.   ii. introduction There are people in the world that had always been nice. Not because they had been flourish with kindness, but their heart always speaks well to the people around them. Their kind nature was not subjected to their life, as it had always been who they are. One person who envisioned this was Mint Hearst.   She was just an ordinary girl living in a pack that was all green and humid. People were used to the heat, and her body loved getting stroked with the sun that would heat her more. It was the only thing she was used to. Despite the kindness and the happiness that she felt, Mint is an orphan. Nobody in the pack knew of her family. She was left on the edge of the land and was left to be sheltered by the pack. Having to be both beautiful and kind, she was favored of all. Especially one: Carson, the future Alpha of the pack. “Give me a second, Natalie,” Mint whispered as she cringed. “I think I need to pee.” Natalie chuckled, nodding her head. “Okay, girl. Hurry up, Carson is almost turning to his age of knowing!” “How does that affect me?” She joked as she rushed to the bathroom. Carson would be turning 18 in a couple of minutes, and he would finally know who his mate was. All the pack members were well aware that his mate would be none other than Mint. Seeing that the man had always fancied the woman since he had seen her, almost all were nothing but positive that it was just a match made by heavens.  Males are always very soft and attached to their mates before their wolf knew everything. Pushing the bathroom door open, she had stilled upon hearing a sob in one of the bathroom stalls. Her forehead creased, questioning why someone would be crying on such a joyous occasion. Mint wanted to be aware of what was happening, but she was confused. She was not familiar with the scent, marking it as one of the new families that had merged in the park. But why was she crying?  Like always, she wanted to give people some room for them to catch themselves. But her heart was filled with nothing but gold, not wanting the woman to feel sad or on her own. She wanted to give the woman some help, as that seemed to be something that was a given trait in this pack. Mint had known her pack to be a forgiving and kind pack.  Pulling some courage, she knocks on the door, being careful with her words. “Are you okay in there?” “I’m okay!” The woman jumped on the other side, clearly disregarding her as she wipes her tear. Mint frowned, worried about the woman's answer. Normally, those who wanted to be left alone when they are suffering needed the most help. “Do you need someone to talk to? I could soothe you if you wanted to.” “That would be great, thanks. I would appreciate a friend right now.” She sobbed, walking out of the room, and was surprised to see a beautiful woman on the other side. To see brown locks with a soft feature, Louise was well aware that she could not compete with them. Louise had always been the prettiest person in her pack, and to come into this pack, only to be rejected by Carson and see the fresh faces of beautiful women, seemed to have destroyed her confidence even more. Mint smiled, offering her a tissue. “Here you go.” Louise was unsure why she was affected to see someone who will surpass her by nature. Not even aware of why someone would think that she was uglier than anyone that the future Alpha would dare to reject her. She was envied in her old pack; why does her mother even force her to move? Oh, that’s right. They had been cast out because she slept with the future Alpha of that pack, not even giving a single fuck if the man already has a mate. “Thank you.” She sniffled, grabbing the tissue as she wipes her tears. “Have you not been settling well with the pack? I can introduce you to my friends.” Mint offered the most innocent smile that she has. Louise was always annoyed with women like these. A kind of woman who is easy to the eyes as they always get what they want. These bratty children think happiness is the key to the world, as they were used to batting their lashes and getting everything they wanted. She was not aware of how Mint lives her life, but she thought she was a stuck-up princess who was used to getting daddy’s money. While Louise was... well, her dad left her. Her mother was ashamed of how she had turned around but was still making amends. Despite her hate for people, she was proud that she has a mother who understands her needs, and even if she gives no seconds of flying fuck to her action, it was sometimes reassuring to know that there was one who does. She frowned. “Do they not mind?” “No,” Mint replied before she cringed. “Give me a second, though. I need to pee.” She blinked. “Oh, okay.” Louise saw herself in the mirror and cringed. She could not believe that she cried upon being rejected by a male. When the fuck did that happen? It was just that… there was something inside of her that felt really hurt, and for someone who had perfected the art of not really caring about small things like that… why did she cry? Is she getting soft? “I never get your name,” Mint muttered while she was inside the stall. Louise frowned. “It’s Louise.” “My name is Mint.” She replied, opening the door to see a surprised version of Louise. She had heard that name one time, and that was when Carson had rejected her. He claimed that he already has a woman and this was his mate. Now knowing that she was facing the future luna of the pack, she had suppressed her grin. Great! An ace! Since she was easy to manipulate, it would be easy to climb the ladder and get any man she wanted. Louise offered her hand, to which Mint easily accepts. “We best head out.” She smiled. “Carson is about to turn 18.” Louise only nodded as they walked out the door. She had initially wanted to become friends with the woman who would be a Luna, seeing that it would raise her into something more than she was. But little did she know that she will get something more at the end of the day. “Five… four… three…” Everyone chanted with a smile as Carson looked at Mint. She was smiling, happy to know that her best friend will finally know who his mate is. All were expecting Carson to claim the woman as his, marking that it would be legal by now. However, as the clock struck twelve and he was able to find his mate, he had grown nothing but outraged. Instead of knowing that the woman he had always been in love with was his mate, he had locked eyes with another. It was the same woman who had flirted with him ever so disgustingly. Fuck.

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