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Aurora is a young woman who has been mistreated by her whole family. Since the death of her mother and the appearance of her stepmother and sister, her life has changed for the worse. Pretending to be wolfless to hide her unique wolf proved to cause even more problems for her as her family and pack mates hated her more for it.

Forced into a marriage with a neighbouring Alpha who also believes she is wolfless and doesn’t want the marriage either makes her life go from one hell to another. Even when she finds out he is her mate.


I get in the car with Mr Happy, and three other people who seem much more friendly they all introduce themselves to me, it’s nice they are not all assholes.

“just so you know, I didn’t want this marriage, and I didn’t want you. There will be rules when we get back to the pack. We won’t be sleeping in the same room, you have no say in my life or my pack, and you stay out of my life” he growls.

“My my aren’t you charming and such a catch” I taunt, causing a couple of choked laughs “for starters I didn’t want this either I wasn’t given a choice, I am happy to stay away from you we can reject each other you can sleep with whoever you want and so can i” I sneer at him.

“How dare you, who do you think you are a worthless wolfless girl, thinking you are better than me” he roars.

I sit and laugh at him“if that’s what you want to think, fine by me, I was just trying to sort the best solution for both of us according to your charming rules” I say condescendingly.

“I will decide if there is to be any rejection, not you. I make the rules, and you follow, do I make myself clear” He shouts.

“Oh crystal clear Alpha, anything else sir” I sneer.

“Just fucking sit there quietly. I can’t be bothered with you for now” he growls. We spend the rest of the journey in silence.

Athena is sad and whimpering in my head about her mate being horrible and wants to let him know she is there. “no we can’t tell him, he doesn’t want us, if we have a wolf or not it won’t make a difference he’s an asshole” I warn her“what will we do Aurora” she asks“survive and not put up with anyone’s sh.it” I say firmly “we are much stronger than they realise we won’t let them drag us down” I add.

*This is now a collection of all three books in the Unknown Wolf Series so if you have any of them already in your library and unlocked you may not want to unlock the whole book at once. It consists of:

Lucian's Regret

The Unknown Wolf

The Luna’s Unknown Strength

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My Life, my past
Chapter 1 I have had a lonely time growing up. You would think living in a pack and being and Alpha’s daughter surrounded by people and having a brother and sister, I would never feel alone. Sadly, this is not the case. My father has never bothered about me for as long as I can remember putting all his efforts into my older brother, who will take his position when he is old enough. My little sister hates me because we have different mum’s and her mother hates me, so she has passed that hatred on to her daughter. My father always takes his little princesses side and her mothers side. He never believed me, so I just stopped telling my side of the story. My brother doesn’t care he is too busy thinking about himself, he thinks he is better than me and believes their lies because our step mum has always treated him well being the heir of the pack and my father’s favourite. Let me introduce myself my name is Aurora, my mum told me she gave me that name because my eyes matched the green of the aurora borealis, and when I looked at her the first time they flashed purple, and my hair was as dark as the night sky, she never told anyone but me. She always said I must be special and not to tell anyone as people fear those who are special or different or they use them for their own means. I didn’t understand at the time but I have heard my wolf in my head from as long as I could remember, I never told anyone about Athena except my mum and she made me promise to keep it quiet for my safety. When my mother was killed in a rogue attack, dad appeared with Selma and Suzie she was 5 at the time and introduced her as our little sister, which means he was cheating on the mate bond he had with our mother. He mated with Selma and made her the new Luna within the week, many of the pack were unhappy but they didn’t dare complain and after a time everything was forgotten and I was pushed more and more to the side and slowly replaced by Suzie. The pack members slowly grew scared to be friendly with me in case it upset the Luna or Suzie. It was just my old nurse maid who helped look after me from a baby who continued to show me any affection when no one was around. I was physically hurt by Selma and Suzie, never places that would be noticed outside of my clothes, I would be punished by being not allowed to eat thankfully Twyla the nurse maid would sneak me food so I didn’t become weak. My dad would just sit back and watch it all, not caring in the slightest, at first he wouldn’t let them be too harsh but through the years he believed their stories and grew more distant and thought of me as a jealous unworthy child. I wasn’t allowed to train with the pack members because my dad said he wouldn’t waste time training a worthless human. Athena has always masked her scent and continues to do so even after my 14th birthday, so the pack thought I was wolfless. Luckily, the previous Gamma took pity on me and trained me in secret so I knew how to defend myself. He was close to my mum and promised to always look out for me. I am well trained and more than capable of defending myself, but it is not worth my time going against them as I know I will be punished severely if I do. I have been called for a ‘family’ meeting, I have no idea why they are asking me to be there. I am never usually included, so this can not be good. I make my to my father’s office as I am walking in, I feel my foot catching on something and notice too late Suzie has put her foot out to trip me up. I go sprawling in the office and bang my head on the desk as Suzie laughs. “For goddess' sake, can you not even walk properly now? We can’t have you damaged just now it won’t look good at all” my father shouts. It's nice to know he cares “Suzie tripped me up if her foot wasn’t in the way I would not have hurt myself” I retort, annoyed “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t think my foot was out that far” she says, trying to sound innocent “Oh yeah, that's why you were laughing about it” I snarl back “Enough, get up from the floor and sit down, Suzie be more careful next time we can’t have Aurora damaged unless you want to take her place” he orders “Yes dad” she says sweetly. I just take my seat, wondering what the hell is going on. Judging by the happy look on Selma’s face it’s definitely not good for me. “I will get straight to the point. You will be leaving for the Blood Moon Pack in two days to marry the Alpha Lucian Grey. We need to give him our daughter for an alliance so we can protect our pack” my father says What the hell? I can’t marry that man. He is a ruthless womaniser, I will never find my mate and will be miserable for the rest of my life. “Why me? Why doesn’t Suzie marry him? I’m sure he doesn’t want the wolfless daughter” I spit “My daughter is not marrying that evil man. You will do it, or our pack will suffer. Do you want us to continue dying? You selfish girl” Selma shreiks “Why should I care about people who have never cared about me? None of you give a damn about me, so why should I save you?” I spit “Enough of course we care about you. You are my daughter. I love you” my father says “I don’t think so, Alpha. I haven’t called you dad for over 10 years, and you haven’t cared. They hit me and starve me, and you don’t care, neither do you my so called brother. So I don’t consider myself your daughter, so why don’t you marry off your actual daughter? Mum would be ashamed of both of you, but you never cared that much about her. You already were sleeping with the replacement ” I sneer “that’s it. I have had enough, you will do this, and you know nothing about your mother and I” he shouts “Look Aurora, I know I haven’t been the best brother, but I need you to do this, I will make it up to you” Zander pleads “Oh and how will you do that when I am being treated goddess know how in another pack? Oh yeah, you won’t you will just forget about me like you have done” I shout as he flinched “If you don’t do it, you will be taken to the dungeon and tortured until you agree” my father says “There he is, the Alpha I know. Gone is the pretence of love and care. I don’t have much choice but I will tell you this, if I get the chance the alliance will be broken and I will find a way to repay all of your so called love over the years” I warn “what can you do, little girl? You will be lucky to last a year” he laughs “We will see you know nothing about me, old man. One day, you will all regret this mark my words” I sneer “Dad do you think we are doing the right thing? Aurora is right. Mum wouldn’t have liked this” Zander says “Too late to worry about it now it’s already done, they are coming for the wedding in two days, Aurora will be locked up until then so she doesn’t do anything stupid or get hurt” he says firmly “Yes dad” Zander says unhappily “This is for you too, we need your transition to Alpha to go smoothly Zander nods as he walks me out of the room, when we are away from everyone he finally speaks to me “Aurora I really am sorry about this, when I am the Alpha I will do whatever I can to get you out of this situation. You just need to hold on for now, I couldn’t stick up for you before or pay attention to you as it made things worse for you but when I become the Alpha I can protect you better” he says “I thought you didn’t care about me either” I say sadly “I always cared. It just protected you more when I acted like I didn’t. I am sorry I couldn’t say anything I know the Gamma has been training you so at least you will be able to defend yourself, dad is an idiot he has no idea what he has lost, Suzie is a selfish bi.tch I don’t know how he can’t see it” he sighs “I know, thank you for telling me and not letting me leave without knowing you care about me. I love you Zander” I say, giving him a hug “I love you too Aurora, I’m sorry I have to lock the door now, but I will come and see you before the wedding” he says, giving me a kiss on the head. None of this makes sense. We shouldn't need a marriage alliance with the rules the Queen brought in. Unless it was arranged years ago, and they were waiting on us being older, and it has nothing to do with helping the pack now. I think they just want to get rid of me, and this is the easiest way, and it saves Suzie having to be with that man at the same time.

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