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"I have raised you so well that you have become this big, Jean. Don't you have to return the favor to mother?" She said while cupping both Jean's cheeks with both hands. "N ... no! Please, ma'am." jean trembled with tears and begged someone she called mother. "Hey ... Don't cry. Mother only sells your body to be enjoyed by people. Not taking organs in your body. Be a filial child to mother, Jean. I promise to redeem you." persuaded the ray. ## "Jean Florence, 20 years old, virgin." said a man introducing one by one woman who will be made to satisfy the passions of a masher man who has been waiting while choosing which woman they choose to spend the night together. "Two hundred billion to free her." said a man in a deep voice offering a price so high for only one prostitute. All turned to see who the man who dared to bid directly at fantastic prices. All eyes of a woman are hypnotized by the perfect sculpture that the mysterious man has. The women thought that Jean was very lucky to be released by a handsome man like a Greek god. ## "Open." the mysterious man ordered Jean to open the dress he was wearing. Jean obediently. Because he thought the man had bought it. Everything he has, including his body, is his without exception. Jean unzipped his back. The dress she was wearing immediately escaped downwards, because the dress she was wearing with a sleeveless model was limited to the chest. Clearly displayed jean breasts that are not covered by anything. While the bottom is only wrapped in thin gstring. Jean covered her breasts with her hands because the mysterious man was staring at her so intensely that it made her uncomfortable. The man approached Jean who was silent frozen with a little trembling body. "Open." he asked again coolly. Jean opened his hands. The man whispered right in Jean's ear. "I bought you at the brothel -" the man paused. "So ... You are my bitch." ____________________________
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