The Tales of the Cursed Knight.


Tahir anwar Fantasy

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The world is currently incarcerated by thick, black clouds of the horror of the evil presence. Demon Lord who was considered nothing but a fairytale, has returned to wreak havoc as he pleased. The twelve Demon commander are once again united to serve their king. History seemed to be repeating itself, except this time around there aren't enough wizard zero to stand against the imploding madness and fury of the Demon Lord.
Luke Hardias has never had a knack for magic proficiency, as a matter of fact, his futile attempts to learn a single magic spell seemed like a laughing-stock to his pure-bred family of a knight.
However, with the revival of the Demon Lord, things have begun changing and so has his life, when the Demon Lord deteriorated the Kingdom of Gastak, Luke's homeland, and in the process killed Luke's family and those around him. How the boy managed to escape is a mystery in itself, but how did he manage to escape when he was the one who was solely held responsible for summoning the Demon Lord, who was banished to the ethereal realm?


Tags: adventure
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