Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Book 1 of The Blood Bond Series)


R.K. Knightly Paranormal

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Book 1 of The Blood Bond Series
"Are you wet for me, Kitten?" he asked her as she let out a soft, keening sigh. He had stopped his journey towards her engorged nub when she started to move. He would slowly devour or kill her with his frustratingly unhurried pace.
"I could make your body come with a word or a breath on its luscious surface, you know." He was teasing her and she whimpered out. "But I prefer my mouth on it- sampling it, teasing it."
And that he did, for minutes on end, never giving her what she truly needed.

Cassandra White is an aspiring scriptwriter who recently moved to L.A. At least that is what most people think. In fact, she fled her previous home in northern California in search of a more stable environment and to finally achieve her dreams. In the midst of all that, she meets the handsome and drool-worthy Elijah Payne, one of Hollywood's richest financiers and owner or Payne Media Management.
Eli is a womanizing cad in the public's eye, but behind his facade, he holds a secret. And it's one he cannot share with anyone- that is until he meets Cassandra at a strip club where she works as a server. 
Eli is a nearly 400-year-old vampire who never found his mate. That is until he met the lovely Cassie. When Cassie finds out who he is, she wants nothing to do with him or his womanizing ways. 
Can Eli win her over and keep her safe from the past she so desperately wishes to rid herself of?


Tags: billionairelove-trianglepossessivesexfatedplayboypowerfulbxg
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7 Months later

"Are they asleep?" Cassie asked, still typing away on her Macbook. She was almost completely done with editing her current script and was looking forward to seeing how the director and producers reacted when given the finished product.
"Out like a light," Eli told her, dropping a kiss on her temple after climbi……


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