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➳"His Girl" series - Book 2

❦Davina King. Daughter of two psychopaths, meaning she has their psychosis disorder. Did I mention she's an 18 year old stripper? Before you judge just know she's only doing it for the dancing. She loves dancing and the fact that she gets paid for it, is a plus, the only downside is she still has to give private dances. Fortunately for her, her boss likes her, in a family friend way, so she doesn't go further than a private dance.

✧Darius Grey. The high school nerd. He doesn't do anything besides read, homework, play video games, and does his normal human needs (drink, eat, sleep). After his cousin complaining, he agreed to go to the strip club with him for his birthday.

That one night, was all it took to change everything.

✧ ➵ ➵ ➵ ❦

"Let me loosen you up a bit, love." I smile, walking seductively to him.

"So Darius, what's a good nerd like you doing at a place like this again?"

"Again? H-how did you-" he stutters out before I cut him off

"You know I notice you Darling, I'm the only one who notices you. Besides your friends and jealous girlfriend that is." I say running my hand up and down his chest. "How is that girlfriend of yours? Does she know you're here?" I whisper in his ear.

"She's not my girlfriend. And no one knows."

"Why are you here again Darius?" I kiss his neck.

"I-I don't know." It's then I notice his little squirms are because of the big tent in his pants.

Wow. He looks big.

"I do. Let me show you what good boys deserve."


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