Skin Walker


Andrea Arcana LGBT+

959 reads

Rylie Scott took up archeology as an honor for her father – a former archaeologist shunned by the very community he serves. So Rylie sets off on a journey to clear her father’s name. She believed that her father wasn’t crazy or delusional in believing in werewolf.

Rylie spent all her time tracking and finding the truths about the werewolf. So, when she stumbles upon a totem and met Alyssa Field and Gabrielle Vega. Her world was turn upside-down when she also became a werewolf.

It’s the chase for regaining her humanity back or staying as a werewolf to try and fight the witches that is threatening to tip off the balance between the mortal world and the world of the super naturals.

What will Rylie choose?


Tags: shiftermatekickass heroinebravegxgkickingwerewolvescitysmall townmagical worldStary Writing Academy III
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Where is it? Rylie scattered the cabinet's content out on the table, but there was no vial inside of it.


No red or green vials.




“Ry? Are you ok?” Kelly patted her right shoulder, but she jerked it away.


She went to another cabinet and swooped the c……


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