Sweet bomb Silly


Marcin Brzostowski Suspense/Thriller

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“Sweet Bomb Silly” is a novel (thriller) whose protagonist is an aerial bomb named Silly, equipped with an individual thinking process substitute, or a kind of artificial intelligence. As a result of numerous events, she becomes entangled in a conflict between two opposing armies. The thinking and feeling bomb watches people who aim at initiating another war. Learning their motivation, she learns much about life and discovers her real nature. Chapter I General BlackOn all frontsA golden opportunityGlory to the heroesOn borrowed timeChapter II SillyA field hospitalThe awakeningAn outlawA new commandChapter III Captain SalvoThe Excelsior HotelA reconnaissanceA festival of requestsA game of chessChapter IV General WhiteThe achievements of civilizationFlowers in the hairThe AntiarmyThe bunker


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The bunker-2

“What?” The bomb’s eyes popped. “There’s an elevator here?”

“Yes, there is. You’ll see it yourself.”

Seeing disbelief in Silly’s eyes, general White stepped up to one of the walls and pushed a small button. The wall started moving slowly and when it completely disappeared, the spectators saw the interior of a typical elevator. Surpri……


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