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McKenna was rated the weakest of her pack. Alpha Azeo knew she was so much more but he had to give her a push in the right direction to become the woman she was meant to be. She dispised Alpha Azeo but after their meeting she knew she didn't need anyone and that she could make it on her own. Little did she know that Alpha Azeo was not about to let her leave his sight. She was the most powerful woman he has ever met, she just doesn't know it yet. And she is his mate. He knows that because he is off age and once they met he know instantly. But he had to dismiss her and break her down that day when they met. It broke him but he knew he had to do it for her future as his Luna. It was the only way for her to reach her full potential. And on the night of the ceremony when he first saw her he knew he made the right call. She was stronger, he could sense it, but she was also not the quiet shy teenage girl he met three years back. Now she was a woman, and he had to have her. But she wanted nothing to do with him. Which is fine... He likes a challenge...


Tags: darkfatedshifterkickass heroinedramatwistedmysteryfirst loverebirth/rebornsacrifice
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Fuck life


Azeo helped McKenna. . . Against his better judgement but still. . . He helped her.

She nearly died. . .

But. . . He helped his mate because she decided to place herself in danger. . . And in all honesty he couldn't just stand around and watch the scene unfold. That's what he would have done if this……


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