The Alpha's Baby Sister


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Jamie is the baby sister to two alpha brothers. One evil and one good. She is a werewolf that's one of a kind and when she meets Alpha Cameron, her mate, she is hesitant to let him into her world. Can she trust him, his pack and all the other packs with her secrets? Or will he reject her because of them? How can she let them all in and then fight off the evil chasing her?
When Cameron meets Jamie, he is completely confused by this mysterious and beautiful she-wolf. What will happen when he learns what she is? And can he keep her safe from the evil that wants to take her time and time again?
What will they learn along their journey? And can their allies really help them?

Book 2- The Broken Beta (Book 2 of Forest Wolf Series)
Book 3- The Alpha and His Rogue (Book 3 of The Forest Wolf Series)
Book 4- The Hexed Luna (Book 4 of Forest Wolf Series)
Book 5- The Lone Alpha (Book 5 of Forest Wolf Series)


Tags: alphapossessivesexkickass heroinelunadramabxgwerewolvespackspecial ability
Latest Updated
Book 5 Alpha Carter

Sean’s POV

~Eight years later 

    Today is Carter’s eighteenth birthday. It was crazy how fast time flew by to get us here, but I was ready to step down as Alpha and let him step in to be the man we raised him to be. I knew he was ready to lead us. He's responsible and we raised him to be the best version of himself.……


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