• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The Secret Contender

    #Girlpower Maria, an cheerful, kind and hardworking girl from a poor family rejects the haughty and rich popular high school playboy, Gilbert Monroe and he decides to take revenge on her by making an obscene video of her but both of them are met with a hit and run accident after he sleeps with her. Gilbert is traumatized after the event and doesn't remember anything and anyone in his past. He is sent abroad to recuperate and study; and returns to run his family's business. Meanwhile, Michael, Maria's brother grows up to be a police officer in order to find his sister's murderer and while he is on it, Gia Zande, a woman who looks exactly like Maria surfaces in everyone's lives as the granddaughter and heiress of billionaire business man, Keith Zande. Gia is as cheerful as Maria but not as kindhearted because she is vengeful and seeks to harm all those who hurt her in the past.


  • 3.The Princess And Her Alpha Bodyguard

    GIRL POWER- CHASING HER APOLLO “I’ll help you avenge your fiancé. But I have one condition,” said Valdemar. Laelia rolled her eyes, thinking that this handsome, red-haired Alpha king is no different from all other Alphas who always chase after her. “You want me to be your queen, right? Fine. I’ll accept it.” “No.” He shook his head. “I want you to be my servant.” “WHAT?” ~*~*~*~*~ Laelia (Lae) is the crown princess of the Zariya Kingdom. The king, queen, and her siblings all adored her because she is the only female family member. However, her pampered and perfect life completely changes one night when she witnesses a big fire burning down her castle and takes the lives of all her siblings. When she runs to find help, she is shocked to see her fiancé, Prince Iory, killed both her parents in the throne room. Iory locked her down in the dungeon, wanting to use her as the puppet queen. However, she managed to break out. As she escapes, Lae is chased by a group of soldiers. It forces her to enter a forbidden part of the forest that no one dares to trespass. Not long after she steps into the territory, something grabs her legs and squeezes her torso until she loses consciousness. When she comes around, a tall guy in long, red hair claims to be her rescuer and the king of a kingdom she has never known. He is wearing a wolf's shape mask, revealing only his crimson eyes. But it is enough to emit the dominant power. The mysterious king agrees to help her avenge her family and takes back her kingdom. But he has a strange condition. Will a spoiled princess like Lae swallow her pride and agree to the term? Will she regret her choice when another mysterious Alpha bodyguard gives her a better offer? #royalromancewritingcontest #starywritingacademyIII #girlpower


  • 4.Act For Me (MxM)

    Oliver Harper is a 27 year old man working a particular job... He was hired by an extremely wealthy family to be the husband of their youngest son, who's an extreme introvert and distant to everyone around him. The deal was that Oliver would be able to live the life of luxury he's always dreamed off... under one condition... the fact that it was all an act has to stay hidden... Such a task is not a problem for a man quite as good an actor as Oliver, but the introverted man he's suppossed to seduce and marry is no easy mark... So let the games begin!

    Takano Masamune

  • 5.He's my beloved Alpha King [BL]

    "A love that transcends time? I call bullshit. love like that doesn't exists," Nicolai used to say all the time. Fate played reverse card on him. his time stood still while the others lived and thrived. A thousand years later Nicolai met his mate, his beloved, his Dylan.


  • 6.The mafia boss wants me.

    Vanessa west, new in town and the latest interest of mafia boss Marcel Vance, he wants her, craves her but can't seem to get her, what can he do to win her over? as she is the most stubborn person he has ever encountered, money, power nor fame moves her, but one thing he is of certain of. He is irrevocably in love with her, Can Vanessa see-through past his mafia exteriors? But his interest in her seems to bring his enemies to her, pointing her out as the mafia bosses weakness and ultimately putting her in more danger. Can their love conqer all? ***** A story of love, power, sacrifice and hidden truths, "

    Ria zakari

  • 7.Moonlight Kiss

    "What are you talking about, Jade?" I asked her frantically. "It's for the best, Mason, I can't do this anymore, I'm so tired, I just want to be normal." She cried and I stared at her in shock, I had no idea that my mate of almost three years felt this way. I stared at her and shock and before I could do anything to stop her, she gulped down the contents of the bottle. "What have you done?" I screamed at her, pain coursing through my veins, I felt like I was dying. My mate had just severed our mating bond, magically. The pressure of being Luna and the pack having to overcome lots of adversaries soon gets to Jade and in her bid to feel free and normal, she trusts in the wrong people and she severs her mating bond with Mason. Is this the end for the lovebirds? or Will they find their way back to each other, mate bond or not?

    Daisy Sparks

  • 8.The Billionaire's Interest

    Stacy is an assistant to the Billionaire CEO of an Architecture Company. He is cold-hearted, has secrets of his own, and he doesn't make it known to her that he is very much interested in her. As a 24-year-old woman, she has a side line job that she keeps as a secret. But will it work in her favor? How does she deal with the past wounds that has resurfaced? What will their fate be? Will their relationship overcome the one big secret that resurfaces?

    P.L Waites

  • 9.Choosing The Omega

    GIRL POWER - CHASING HER APOLLO SELENE’S POV I could see by the look I was getting from my parents that they disapproved of what I was doing with Alexis. They had refused to that I loved him and I chose to see beyond his class, they insisted that I deserved someone who was from a higher class and someone who would be able to help me carry the family name. Being the only daughter of the moon goddess had its advantages and disadvantages and this was one of the disadvantages. However, being in Alexis's arms helped me forget about all the stabbing started that I was getting not only from my parents but also from everyone else who had attended the party. Alexis wasn’t even supposed to be here but I refused to attend without him. Of course, when my parents agreed for me to have him here with me they thought that he was my friend but now they were realizing that he was more than that, and I could only imagine the amount of anger and resentment they were feeling towards that.

    Teanelle Nadine

  • 10.Together But Not Really

    "So now we are together. As in boyfriend, girlfriend." Noah concluded with a smirk and winked at her to which Alison just shook her head in astonishment still not able to digest that she agreed to it. Of course because the urge to see Ethan regret was too strong to think rationally. So she jumped at the offer impulsively. "Yeah TOGETHER BUT NOT REALLY..." she pointed out clearly drawing a line not knowing that lines are drawn to be blurred. *** Instagram: serien_blue


  • 11.Ex-Wife's Revenge

    In the reality of marriage, the phrase “And they lived happily ever after” doesn't exist. But there's only one way and place to experience it, die happily together and go to heaven. Only a couple who are willing to do this can experience that fictitious phrase. But it's difficult and has many obstacles to deal with it. Ellie is one of a lot of people who believed in this phrase and end up being a victim of this. She already married the man of her life, her thought that her first love, and her high school crush. Because of that, she thought that her life is a real-life fairytale where the protagonist got her happy ending after marriage. But she's finally realized that she's living in a fantasy, the world never exists. After the four years of being married, she didn't expect that her life suddenly became a living hell. Her romantic husband turns into an cold husband and their relationship alongside their love for each other is became toxic. Eventually, they also ended up in divorce after Ellie discovered that her husband having an affair with its secretary. So when she got divorced from her liar husband, Ellie accepted her real Identity as the only daughter of a famous Bussiness Tycoon and Billionaire for the sake of her vengeance against her ex-husband who attempted to kill her. She now looks evil in the eye of many people but sadly, she's not able to show her good side to them like the villainess in many fantasies to defeat her enemies. In Ellie's difficult situation, her long-time friend who used to be her high school suitor back then suddenly came back as a new and successful entrepreneur to help her. This man can use his power, intelligence, and money to help her first love's revenge. But, what is the reason behind his kindness and help for Ellie despite the painful rejection he experienced from this maiden before? Is it pure of kindness or with hidden agenda? © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2022. No part of this book may be reproduced, distribute, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

    Sweety Autumn

  • 12.The Alpha's Nemesis

    "How did I get here?'' the question made the drowsy eyes of the man who sat opposite her fly open. "You're awake'' he called out, reaching his hand and caressing her face lovingly "I'm Damien" Elsa grew up being treated with disdain by her whole family and pack. She grew up in the army after seeing it was the only place she could find peace. Prevailing in the pack's army she became the strongest warrior ever known after the notorious Alpha Damien. How could she have ever believed that her life would change dramatically, both positively and negatively after meeting the Alpha and turning out to be his mate!

    Joy .C. Amadi

  • 13.Alpha King's Omega Queen

    After the unexpected death of her parents, Melody Lambert is locked up in the store room by none other than her big brother who believes that Melody is the reason for their parent's death. Every day the poor girl has to do all the work of the packhouse yet neither her brother nor any of the pack members shows a little bit of sympathy towards her. Not only that, she has been mentally and physically abused for many years leaving scared of every little thing. Although her wolf has tried to assure her that their mate will save them but she has lost all the hope a very long time ago after one dreaded night. On the other hand, the Alpha King Dominic Alvarez is getting impatient day by day after not finding his mate. His parents have suggested him to choose someone else as his mate for the sake of the kingdom but he is adamant about finding his mate. Although elders have told him that his mate might be dead but he has refused to believe that because he can feel it in his heart that his mate is waiting for him somewhere in the world. He is said to be the most ruthless king out of all the kings because he mercilessly kills anyone who tries to go against him. What will happen when Melody finally breaks free from her brother's hold? Will she be able to get away from her traumatized experience? Will Alpha King Dominic be able to find his mate before his enemy can snatch her away from him? Read this story to find out what's going to happen next.


  • 14.Surprising the Bully

    Unlike her twin brother, Keira was overweight and had only one friend. Kevin was the athlete and popular. Keira was a nobody.   Adam was the popular “It” guy at school. He was popular, well-loved, and handsome. Worst of all he was Kevin’s best friend. Plus, Adam was Keira’s biggest bully.   During her senior year, Keira’s friend decided Keira needed self confidence in herself and decided a makeover was the best way to show how wonderful Kiera truly was. Everyone noticed her as she slowly transformed, especially Adam.   Keira’s bully started noticing that there was more to Keira then just his best friend’s sister. How could a simple makeover make her this sultry vixen that captures his imagination? When did she start to invade his fantasies?   Watch as this bullied girl goes from the class joke to a person full of confidence and desirability, surprising her bully by being the kind of person she has always been inside.

    Deanna Samaan

  • 15.The Secretive Luna

    Sherry Harvey meets her mate and escapes from him since she didn't expect to be mated to the most famous Alpha whose girlfriend is well known among all the surrounding Packs. However, her mate traces her back to her pack and goes to meet her and this time round she doesn't escape from him. She suffers secretly in his Pack and after a painful miscarriage, she escapes and decides to live alone even without telling her mate where she has ran to. He later finds her and they come to an agreement and they later get back together so as to lead their Pack as Alpha and Luna.

    Florence Muthoka

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