• 1.Fake Marriage But True Mate

    Why am I sitting here, in my beautiful wedding dress, wondering why this doesn't feel right? I'm going to get married. My new husband and his family are the only one's to ever show me any kind of kindness.. Even though I was an orphan, working in that damn hotel my wicked 'mother' Elizabeth owns, and my body is covered with horrifying scars from my childhood years when i actually tried fighting back. Everything was supposed to be perfect. Until I found out what everyone was hiding from me. I'm a werewolf. I'm a legend. I should be with my true mate, not stuck in this fake marriage.

    S. N. Cole

  • 2.Alpha's Badass Mate

    Madison Colbert is called the 'Bear Hunter' in her pack because of her enormous strength which is not an everyday thing to witness in a girl of her age. At the mare age of 19, she has gained the status of the head warrior of the Red Crescent Pack of America. It is the third-largest pack in the world and the best in making strategy. But the strange things about her is that she hates the term mate because of this mate thing, her mother is no more.. That's why she doesn't want to find her mate as she believes that her mate will take her away from her duties. Not only that, she has decided to reject her mate the moment they will meet. But there is a popular saying which is 'nothing goes as we plan'. Because she is not going to like what Moon Goddess has planned for her. What will happen Madison meets her mate? What will she do when her mate because of her status? What will happen when she can't fight the mate bond? But most importantly, what will she do when the unknown enemy comes looking for her as well as her mate?


  • 3.My Boss, My Bad Boy

    Isabella Hunt (24) already went through a lot in her young age. A new job in a different town on the other side of the country as PA at Crawford Enterprises shall give her carreer a boost. She doesn't want anything but to make a name for herself through hard work. She also is working on gaining back her self-confidence until she meets the CEO, James Crawford, in person. Crawford soon finds an interest in her and realises sooner than later that Isabella is holding back s.th. what attracts him even more to her. But he isn't the only one who's attracted. He wants her to become his. She tries to escape him, but will he let her? Will he break down her self defense?

    Julianne Strauss

  • 4.Passionate mates

    Mature content; language, s*x, violence. Can be considered manipulative and dark by some readers. Kira, an innocent and protected girl. Jax, an overbearing, possessive Alpha. Kira and Jax meet, and their attraction is undeniable. But they aren't what the other one had expected in a mate. They are jealous and hot-headed, and they have to work around each other's mistakes to stay connected. How powerful is the will to forgive and forget? They soon learn that Kira has issues controlling her emotions, and she puts other people in danger. This also puts a strain on their relationship. She continuously strives to be the mate, and Luna Jax wants her to be, but at what cost? Kira and Jax have an intense relationship, where the lust for each other is always present. Come on to this journey with Kira and Jax, where they are both possessive and jealous, horny, and ready to set each other straight if needed. Excerpt: "You are mine. You became mine the moment we met, and you will never belong to any other but me," he said, taking slow steps towards me. I eyed him, unsure about him closing the distance between us. My wolf liked that he said we were his, and got a little excited. Her feelings were mixing with mine, and I had to work hard to separate them. "And I do expect you never to touch another male again. You're made solely for me, and I expect you to act thereafter," he said menacing, still coming closer. He was angry but calm, and I've heard that's the worst kind of anger. I backed up a bit, but he soon followed, and suddenly he closed the distance between us. He grabbed my neck just below my jaw, so I automatically had to tilt my head up to breathe. I flared my nostrils, not sure of what he would do. Wanna chat with me? Join "Author Sanna" on FB, or send me an e-mail: San.hau95@gmail.com ♡


  • 5.The Billionaire's Secret Lover

    Nina Miller is a simple and easy-going girl. At 17, she gave her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. Now at 27 years, she met the guy who took her heart but he's engaged to her friend. Will she break friendship or mend the relationship? Michael Vincent Thompson, the first of the three boys in the Thompson family and the heir to the Thompson's Empire, currently the CEO of the Thompson's Empire is a ruthless billionaire who has everything that money could buy and an heiress of the Meltons Media Group as a fiancee. But a night with a naive virgin girl change his view of women. Will he risk his inheritance for a naive virgin girl or Will he marries an heiress and expand the family business. READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!. Watch out for other parts in the Thompson's Heir series #The Billionaire Secret Lover (Vincent and Nina's #Seduced by my Billionaire Boss (Vino and Skylar's story) #Loving my Billionaire brother (Victor and Valerie's story)


  • 6.If I Could Move Again (MxM)

    *COMPLETED* “Ah~ more… there… Mmm!” The student cried out as he closed his eyes. He was feeling indescribable pleasure at the man’s persistent touch. The student’s mind was completely blank, all other thoughts were pushed aside to make way to the intense pleasure he was feeling. Ethan wetted his dry lips, his breath got heavier. He glimpsed at his hardened erection and moved his eyes back to the man that made him this way. It was Ashton, he also had a heated up expression as if he couldn’t take it anymore. Looking like he wants to devour the student on top of him, he fastened his pace. Ethan moaned louder as he moved up and down on the man’s erection. Ashton forcefully thrust into the student’s fragile body. Surprisingly enough the student didn’t feel uncomfortable at all at the strange sensation he’d never experienced. If anything he felt ecstatic, but what turned him on the most was his employer’s sexy expression as he thrust into him. *** Twenty-one year old college student Ethan is left to take care of himself after his parent’s divorce. With no help from his family or relatives he struggles to make ends meet by working several part time jobs which affects his studies due to the lack of time. One day he finds an odd job offer that pays well, he applies and suprisingly gets the job as a caretaker to a wealthy man in a wheelchair. However… What happens when he accidentally falls in love with the man he is supposed to be taking care of? * Boy x Boy novel

    Takano Masamune

  • 7.The Wolf Prince's Lover

    The werewolf tribe of Sienne, secluded in the mountains, had a small number of humans living in it. Due to the treaty between their ancestors, they were allowed to live in the city and were protected by the werewolves. Among those humans was Leonard who ran an odds and ends shop, a place he sold all the curiosities he came across during his many wanders around the world. His shop is approved and he has a decent amount of customers. But when an incident occurs, one of the princes of Sienne, Prince Tristan, starts to visit his shop regularly. Our poor shopkeeper has no problem with that, only; “Why does the prince glare at me every time he comes here? What did I do wrong?” There was also the problem of the occasional brushes and fluttering touches that occur while the prince is checking out, those sinful sensations that send shivers down Leonard’s spine. Just what was going on with the Shopkeeper and this prince? Also includes other BL stories


  • 8.The Dragon King's Shaman

    # Dreame Writing Marathon -- Love Story Contest When Avery read the note on the bouquet, it sent chills to her very bone. Avery was a doctor and shaman, using her dragon spirit to heal others. But she fell for a demon’s seduction. Obsessive and psychotic, he fed off her powers until she at last escaped. Now, after years hidden in a wolf pack, her ex has found her. Avery must flee again. The trouble is someone else has discovered her. Erik, a tall handsome dragon and heir to the dragon throne, is adamant that Avery is his mate. Though she feels safer with him than anyone else before, she can’t help remembering her mother’s warnings against his kind. As the pair journey beyond the Atlantic and on into the dragon lands, Erik must face his own inner demons to protect their fragile bond. And with her demon pursuing them, can she escape her fate a second time? Billionaire Romantic Suspense Book 3 Hunter Series - can be read as stand alone 18+ Mature content Triggers - Violence, Past domestic violence, Suicide, child loss. Written in British English - Under Editing Main story Chapter 1-84 Bonus story - spin off Chapter 85 onwards

    Crimpy G

  • 9.The CEO's Second Choice

    Elena Wiltshire's dreams were coming true; she just got accepted into her dream school without the sway of the powerful Wiltshire name! But when her twin sister's engagement to Sebastian Dumont, the wealthiest CEO in the UK, falls through due to her shameful ways, Elena is forced by the familial matriarchs to take her place to avoid an upper-class scandal. Will Elena survive being married to the cold, egotistical CEO especially when he's hiding a secret of his own?


  • 10.Wanted (In More Ways Than One)

    “I could pin you to this table right now with your hands behind your back and there wouldn’t be a thing you could do about it,” Michael growled lowly. Ezra’s eyes flashed with interest. “Do it,” whispered Ezra with a smirk. “I dare you.” Michael grit his teeth, fingers flexing above the table, itching to grab the vampire and prove a point. He remained where he was and dropped his gaze. Ezra chuckled triumphantly. “All bark and no bite.” * * * Everyone knows that werewolves and vampires are the greatest of enemies. Everyone knows that detectives shouldn't want to kiss the criminals they are trying to arrest. At the tender age of ten, Michael's family was slaughtered by vampires. Now, he's an experienced detective with a hatred for bloodsuckers and he hides himself amongst humans, protecting them wherever he can. When playful thief Ezra Romero shows up, Michael can smell him a mile away. He wants the cocky vampire behind bars or, better yet, dead. So, why does he get so flustered when Ezra begins to flirt with him?


  • 11.Be With Me

    LGBT+ Taming a Playboy Kelvin was the youngest son of the cruel wealthy Don Faustino, but strangely enough he grew up kind and well mannered, however he's terminally ill. He knows he will die soon so before he dies- he wanted to fulfill his one and only wish. And that's to fall in love. But under one strange condition. He wanted a person who will not fall in love with him because he doesn't want that person to suffer once he is gone. Then fate brought him Chris Yoon, the cold-hearted and mysterious group leader of B3ST, a globally renowned Korean Boy band group. Chris warned him from the start that he doesn't do love and he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect person for Kelvin. He was exactly the kind of person he was looking for... Kelvin just didn't thought he would really fall in love with him. He already knew his time was numbered but why he's hoping they could be together forever? And what's the matter with Cris, why he's being gentle and caring with him... At first he thought love would bring him happiness, but why does it hurts instead?

    Joanne Rusiana

  • 12.Mr Grumpy's Assistant

    Watch out" screamed Tony but it was too late to stop the Black Audi Estella drove from crashing into the Luxury car in front of her. As she approached the car she had just bumped into, the back door opened and a male figure got out of the car. He emitted a cold aura and had a icy gaze. "You just bumped into my car and it is going to be expensive to fix miss" He said coldly. Estella returns to Asteria after five years and crashes into Xander Gallgher's car Due to his behavior, he gets slapped by Estella and promises to teach her a lesson. Xander Gallgher is an arrogant and successful CEO who doesn't spare anyone who dares to cross him thus earning the name "The Handsome Devil". Estella Jenner is a carefree and fun-loving girl who tend to make reckless decisions. She hates being controlled especially by rich arrogant men. What happens when Estella becomes Xander's personal assistant? Will Xander finally control Estella and teach her a lesson or will Estella manage to break his ego? And what happens when they find out they both share a dark past?


  • 13.Lost in Arcadia

    Dreame Writing Marathon – Love Story Contest Meet Arcadia "Kade" Harker—alpha male (yes, male) and playboy extraordinaire. His motto? "Ask and you shall receive," the keyword being "receive." To get over a recent heartbreak, he has been roaming the world in search of his own fated mate. There is only one problem: that b*tch called Fate seems to really have it out for him. Will he EVER get his damned happy ending at all? NOTE: This is the sequel of "The Beta Is His Omega." It works as a standalone, but to get a better idea of Kade's back story, it is highly recommended that you read the first book beforehand. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy :)


  • 14.Claiming Mr.CEO

    #Dreame Writing Marathon - Love Story Contest "What exactly did you call me?" "A w***e." Ace repeated the term as if it were the most obvious way to address Crescent. Then something happened that Ace had not expected Crescent to do at that moment. When Crescent observed Ace smirking after passing that remark, he couldn't stand it any longer and clenched his hand into a ball. He swung his fist threw a punch straight at Ace's face, causing the right corner of his lip to bleed. "Mind your f*****g words next time Elrod," Crescent cautioned, oblivious to the fact that he had just punched THE ACE ELROD and was going to walk away when Ace furiously grabbed his arm which just had been twisted by that man and slammed Crescent against the wall "It hurts!" Crescent screamed in agony as his twisted arm throbbed with pain. Ace grasped his free arm that Crescent tried swung in front of Ace's face again and tugged both of Crescent's arms back pulling him close "Listen here!" As he spoke in a deadly cold tone, Ace's minty hot breath fanned Crescent's neck "I could f**k you right here and right now like the sl*t you are, or I could rip you to shreds. And no one is going to say A. F*****g. Word. So, the next time you raise your hand, think twice. You get me?" Crescent was still having trouble focusing his strength on Ace due to the pain in his arm. Crescent flinched as Ace roared in his ear. "YOU GET ME?!" ********************************* Crescent Hart and Ace Elrod are the city's most eligible bachelors, both blessed with wealth and beauty. These two used to be romantically involved, but a misunderstanding caused them to break up and despise each other's existence. What happens when Crescent's return throws Ace's perfect life into total chaos? Will they get back together? Crescent thinks Ace hates him. Ace thinks that Crescent hates him. What could go wrong when the two get forced to marry against their will? Everything,

    Akihito Rin

  • 15.Zick-Zack Romance (MxM)

    Twenty one year old Edward spent half a year in the US under the pretense of working for his elder brother's company. When in truth the two brothers seeked revenge upon their father who unrightfully kicked them out of their home so many years ago. Leaving his lover with harsh parting words, caused the other to avoid contacting him. Now that Edward is back in town, there is no way of knowing if reuniting with his lover is going to be a plesant experience or not...

    Takano Masamune

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