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This is a spin-off story of TROYE and JAHEEM from; Jared's Estranged Mate book two in THE CHRONICLES OF HER GRACE.

Jaheem and Troye Story follow the same timeline in the chronicles.

Would Jaheem accept the mate bond between him and the boy he so despised, or would he listen to warnings and advice of his first love and give his mate a chance to prove himself worthy?

Do you think there is more to Troye's story? Perhaps there is something we missed.

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||*TROYE*|| "Have you eaten?" Brandon asked while pulling me to sit down next to him, and Jared scrunches his nose in a frown as he sits next to us. I had planned to just remained cocooned in my room today and for the next few days until my roommate, whom I call my brother because he asked me to, returns from his trip with his girlfriend.  "Yeah, I had waffles and pancake before coming and the pasta from this morning."      I answered, and Brandon nods. Ever since we had that talk, he's been more than just a friend for me, I can't even explain how good he is to me.  Sometimes I wonder how he has such a good heart, despite knowing I was once with his mate, he treats me as though I am something ever so precious, ignoring how filthy I am. Most times I wish he would just treat me the way I deserve to be treated, hated and ill-treated, because that is what I deserve for the pains I caused him during my time with his mate.  I smiled as Jared engaged us in a conversation about one of his many trips with Allison while they were still in Perth. The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted the conversation and Jared excused himself to check who was at the door.   [Mate.] My wolf whined pitifully and I jump on my feet. Why was he here?  "Hey, what's wrong, where are you going? Why are you panicking?" Brandon queried, preventing me from running out of the living room or just hide myself as I planned to.  "Please, hide me. Please, he shouldn't see me, please, this is bad Brandon please." I pleaded, trying to pry Brandon's hand off me so I could do the only thing I've been doing since the day I found out he was my mate.  It was a shock my to me that day, hearing Jared's loud voice arguing with someone made me step out of the room. Lo-and-behold, I was met with a beta who seemed enraged by Jared, but the minute I stepped into the living room and our eyes met, I knew he was my mate. My second chance mate, all this time I had given up hope of ever finding a second chance, it just wasn't for me, I never thought I would ever get the chance to meet a second chance and then the moon goddess punishes me, with someone who hates my very existence. Seeing the way he confronted Jared that day, because of Brandon, how he had boldly declared his love for Brandon, it was what I have always craved, what I have always wanted. Someone who wouldn't shy away from claiming me before anybody, but his eyes met mine. All I could see was disgust and hatred for me and I just knew he would never accept me as his mate when he turned eighteen. He was just so in love with Brandon, and even now I know he still is. "Calm down, Troye. I don't understand what you are saying. Who are you talking about?" "I'll explain later, please just let me hide." I begged Brandon, because ever since the day I found out he was my mate, I have done my possible best to avoid any encounter with him.  But it was too late, Jaheim had already walked into the living room with low snarls, and the minute our eyes met, he took a step backward. He knows, he can feel the pull and I just know I am doomed. "Mate?" Jaheem called as a question and an angry growl splits out of his throat, the moon goddess really did me wrong with this.  "I am doomed." I muttered in defeat because I know what words with come after that growl, despite knowing, I wasn't prepared for it because avoiding it was a lot better.  "What the fu.ck is the slut doing here and can somebody explain to me why, in all goodness, he has to be my mate. Him? Is the moon goddess fu.cking with me or something. Giving me this whore as a mate. No way in hell." Jaheem snarled and his words cut through my skin like knives, but do I blame him? No, because I would hate myself too. I don't even know how else he would view me differently other than the slutty omega who wh0red with the mate of the person he is in love with.  "See Jaheem, you need to calm down and don't say things you would regret. The moon goddess never makes mistakes."  Jared says, trying to calm the raging beta, and I smiled bitterly, I wish he was right this time because the moon goddess obviously makes mistake. First she paired me with someone whom she knew I can never find happiness with, then she took him from me. Now she is pairing me with someone who loathes me, how does she not make mistakes? Maybe she made a mistake with my first mate, but this time around I know this isn't a mistake but my punishment. "You knew, before now, that he's your mate?"  Brandon asked me, and I nod my head weakly.  "Oh, my goodness. Troye." Brandon whispered, and I just cast my head down in shame.  "No, this is totally absurd. The moon goddess has made a mistake this time, I cannot accept this never. I, Jaheem Marshal, reject you Troye as my ma__." "Jaheem no!!"  Brandon growls, rushing to cover Jaheem's mouth, preventing him from rejecting me. "I will not let you destroy the best thing that can ever happen to you. I would not stand by and watch."  Brandon snarls at him, and I shake my head. I doubt if I'll ever be the best thing to happen to him. Brandon should've just let him complete his sentence.  Now I have to live with the shame until, he gets another chance to do this, even at this, I don't understand why Brandon stopped Jaheem.  Shouldn't he have just allowed it? At least he would get his revenge on me for messing around with his mate and causing him pain. I guess I am just a pathetic loser to him and everyone else in this room.  I wished I had the strength to reject him instead, but I do not have such energy, so I did the only thing I know. Run. While Brandon tried to get Jaheem under control, I used the last bit of courage I have and I ran out the door.  I know running solves nothing, but at least it would keep my problems away for as long as it can because Jaheem rejecting me is inevitable and I know it. ______________________ _____________________________ _______________________ ____AUTHORS NOTE____ Hi, Lilies. This is a prologue to Jaheem and Troye's story. Update will begin next year. While we wait for updates, I want your opinion.  I have asked this question on the Face.book group, but I know some of us are not on the group, so going into this story I have two options. 1- Start the story with a better understanding of Troye's back story. Just Like I did with Jared and Brandon in the beginning. 2- Move on from where we left off their story in Jared's Estranged Mate.  **PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU VOTE FOR IN THE COMMENTS.**  LOVE YOU ALL AND IF YOU HAVEN'T JOINED OUR FACEBOOK GROUP PLEASE DO. Lily-Star Universe

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