Whispers of Temptation

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On the 4th wedding anniversary, the protagonist discovered something strange on his wife’s bra and suspected that she was having an extramarital affair. Thus, he secretly began to investigate. After “catching her red-handed” a few times, he discovered that it was all a misunderstanding. Yet, various signs of his wife cheating on him never ceased. On his journey to find out whether his wife really was cheating on him, the protagonist is exposed to all sorts of lust and desire between the sexes; be it partner swapping, clandestine love affairs, drug and rape, and even group sex. Faced with these temptations one after another, will our protagonist also wander to the point of no return?

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Chapter 1 - A Difficult Fourth Anniversary
My wife, Sarah White, was a nurse in a public hospital. She was very beautiful, with long, fair legs and a huge chest with a cup size of 36D. Currently, I worked as a high school teacher. Apart from the lack of children, our life after marriage was pretty good. However, my wife had been behaving a little strangely as of late. After coming back from the night shift, she would immediately go take a bath, whereas before she would make love to me first thing back home. Moreover, even when I initiated, she would always reject me, reciting "I'm tired" like a mantra. That was the fourth anniversary of our marriage, so I got off work early to buy some red wine and ingredients for a candlelit dinner I wanted to make as a surprise. After sweating it out in the kitchen and laying the beautifully plated food on the table, I lit the rose-scented candles when it was about time she came home and seated myself. I waited and waited. One hour, two hours, four hours. I waited until the food went cold and the candles extinguished. I looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. It was past 11 p.m. and my wife still had not come home. I could not help but feel a sense of anxiety. Today was the fourth anniversary of our marriage. I had told her beforehand to take a leave of absence from work and come back earlier, but clearly she had not, seeing as it was 11 p.m. and she still had not come back home… A memory suddenly popped up in my mind. That day, I had woken up earlier than usual and seen my wife get out of a BMW. A worrying feeling resurfaced in my heart; a feeling that Sarah may have been cheating on me. Seeing that Sarah had not even come back home to celebrate our fourth anniversary, I began to wonder if my wife had been having an affair with another man. The more I thought about it, the more worried I felt, and the gnawing feeling compelled me to take out my phone and call her. The phone rang for a long time before she finally answered the call. I rushed to ask, "Babe, today is our fourth anniversary. Didn't I ask you to leave work earlier? Why haven't you come back yet?" "Oh! I... I'm working out with my friends... in the gym… I'll rush home now!" My wife was panting heavily on the phone, as if she was very tired from an intense workout. She went to the gym with her friends at such a late hour? My heart twitched and I said, "Are gyms even open this late? And didn't I say..." "Ah!" Sarah suddenly exclaimed. I quickly asked what was wrong, and she hurriedly replied, "It's okay, I... I just twisted my ankle! I'll come home now! Talk to you later!" After Sarah finished speaking, she hung up the phone. I stared at my phone. Why do I have a vague suspicion that my wife was not exercising, but rather doing that instead? Was my wife having sex with someone else while I was on the phone with her? I hurriedly called Sarah to confirm it, but no one answered the phone. In the end, I stopped calling and went back to my bedroom to lie down, but I could not fall asleep. I kept tossing and turning as Sarah's panting earlier echoed in my ears. I lay on the bed restless until 3 a.m., but then I heard the sound of the door opening from outside. I knew that my wife had returned, so I quickly got up and walked out, only to see Sarah holding the door frame with one hand while taking off her high heels with the other. Seeing me, she whispered, "Why haven't you gone to sleep yet? It's so late!" I was a little pissed. Recalling Sarah's heavy panting and her not answering my calls earlier, I stared at Sarah intently and said, "Isn't today our fourth anniversary? I've been waiting for you this whole time but you didn't come back. Plus, what are you doing at the gym so late at night? And why didn't you answer any of my calls later?" After changing into some flip-flops, Sarah threw her bag onto the sofa and said, "Didn't I tell you how my colleague always insists that I accompany her to the gym? Also, we've been happily married for so long that I don't see the point of having a marriage anniversary. I'm tired. I'm gonna go take a shower first!" Sarah really did seem very tired. Moreover, she was a nurse who often worked night shifts to take care of patients. I suddenly felt a surge of sympathy. Maybe I was overthinking things. Just as my wife put away her stuff and passed by me to get to the bathroom, I picked her up and trotted toward the bedroom. Sarah was startled and struggled, whispering, "Luke! What are you doing?" I put my wife down on the bed and once again stressed that it was our fourth anniversary. Furthermore, we had not had sex for a long time, so I craved her. I kissed my wife while I talked, my hand slipping under her white blouse toward her breasts. The moment my fingers touched them, I found that Sarah was not wearing a bra. I was stunned. My wife definitely wore a bra when she left for the night shift yesterday, but now it was gone. Did Sarah take off her bra in the hospital? I lay on my wife's body and asked her about her bra. She explained that the bra clasp tore when she stretched her hand to reach a bottle of medicine on a high shelf, so she took it off and put it in her bag. She pushed me away and took the bra out. I saw that the buckle at the back had indeed broken. Although Sarah's breasts are very big, they aren't that outrageous, right? For the bra strap to break just because she stretched her arm too high? I felt angry at the thought and unintentionally asked, "Did it really break on its own?" Sarah immediately flared up at my question and glared at me. "Luke! What do you mean by that? How else could it have broken if not by itself? Oh, are you suspicious of me? Do you think that another man did it?!" Seeing that she got very angry—not to mention I did not have any evidence to prove that she really did have an affair—I quickly said, "Babe, I didn't mean that! It hasn't been long since you bought this bra, so it shouldn't have broken on its own. I was just asking!" "Just asking? Luke, let me tell you, it hasn't been easy for me to provide for this family! The reason I wake up early and come home late every day is that I want us to have a better life, even if it's just a little bit. In the future, I'll have the leeway to lighten my workload when we have children. Did you actually think we can lean on your meager salary as a teacher? Now, you're even doubting me. Luke, do you have no conscience?" Sarah burst into tears. My heart softened all of a sudden. Speaking of which, it really was unlikely for Sarah to cheat on me because she had a very strict upbringing when growing up. She was a very conservative woman and after being married for such a long time, we both wanted to have children. The problem seemed to stem from me, but Sarah did not yell at me for it. I really shouldn't have doubted my wife. I quickly got up and hugged her while apologizing profusely. After a long time, once I managed to stop her sobbing, she ferociously pinched my waist and said, "Can't you preoccupy your brain with more normal thoughts? If I was such a fickle woman, would I have even fallen for you in the first place? And just touch my breasts. Don't you know how big they are? Of course the buckles would break if the quality was poor." Sarah grabbed my hand and put it on her chest. I quickly admitted my mistake. Sarah turned her head and saw the food on the table that had long gone cold. With an apologetic tone, she said, "I'm sorry, honey. The hospital has been too busy recently. I know that I've been a bit cold to you, but being together with you makes me feel like every single day is an anniversary. Let's have a good time tonight!" Sarah kissed me, then turned toward the bathroom, saying that she would take a shower first. I thought about what she said as she walked into the bathroom and my doubts were finally dispelled! Maybe I really am being too sensitive! One way or another, I was looking forward to banging my wife that night. After all, Sarah's appearance and figure were definitely top tier. I excitedly returned to the bed. I picked up her bra and was going to throw it away, but I suddenly caught sight of some white stains! It looked like they had been wiped off. The moment I saw them, I knew what they were. Any man would. The stains had already dried up, but they clearly looked to be from cum! And they still remained on my wife's bra!

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