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TRIGGER WARNING!!!! THIS STORY HAS A LOT OF GRAMMATICAL ERROR,SO, IF YOU'RE PERFECTIONIST WHEN IT COMES TO GRAMMAR THEN, SKIP THIS ONE! I DO ACCEPT CRITCISM TO IMPROVE MY WORK, BUT AGAIN CRITICISM IS DIFFERENT FROM THROWING SOME HATEFUL COMMENTS.. PEACE YOU'ALL PEOPLE..... SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE... Cadence Monteclaro is the name, Known for being mischievous and playful to women. A man who's a total definition of a manwhore. A man who just fucked and leave, He didn't believe in love and he never was in love. He only cares for his family and nothing else matters to him, But, What if one day this womanizer gets stuck in a place where women's virtue is important? A place where women are not like what he was used to? Can he leave his life for a week or months without fucking someone? Someone he met who looks fucking so fuckable?. A temptress you can say but who's very fucking conservative. Can he control his lust and needs for this woman? When everything from his wants to scream he wants to fuck her?. How long can Cadence control himself from touching her and how long can he leave without his riches surrounding him. Will love change him? Or still, only lust he still knew? What is he willing to sacrifice for her? Will there ever be love that will exist in their story? Or just hatred she feels for him and lust he feels for her? Is love going to save them if these two people grew up in a different world? Can Cadence chase his sanity? Can Aether chase the life she deserves? If ever they fall in love, and if it fades and goes. Will they feel Saudade? This is the story of Cadence "Fucking" Monteclaro let's find out how long can he pretend to be someone, not him, and how long he's gonna take to ignore the call of lust when all he did in his past was to fuck around. Will this girl tames the Damned Womanizer or, She will be just part of his fucking toy?
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