Watch Over You



This is a heart-wrenching BxB story. So, read at your own risk.


Love is like pulling a rubber band. If one lets it go, it hurts the one who holds on.

What if your beloved person forgot all about you? What if he forgets all the moments you shared and your love for each other? What if he only just remembers his ex who left him devastated and broke?

How will you fight for your love when it's only you who remembers everything? Are you ready to sacrifice for him and your family?

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Chapter 1
“Babe, we’re getting late!” Alexander shouted from the living room of their four-room bungalow house situated at one of the luxurious residential estates in the city of Marymount. “Okay Babe, I’m coming. I just can’t find my phone,” Carl replied. “Okay, hurry up! Our baby is waiting for us in school.” It’s Jayden's family day at school. Alexander always frees himself from work when it comes to his family. He is one of the popular actors in the country and is often busy with his schedules, filming, endorsements, promotions, and hosting as he is a regular host in one of the variety shows on a popular television channel. Jayden is their adopted child and turning seven years old. They found him in an orphanage. After a year of their marriage, they decided to adopt a child. They spoke to their family and they supported them in their decision. Fortunately, the orphanage that they first visited is looking for foster parents for Jayden. He was ten months old when they first met him. His mother is an orphan who grew up at the same orphanage and at a young age got pregnant and died during her delivery to Jayden. Later on, they found out that the father had died after a clash with other gangs. Carl can’t take his eyes from Jayden, so Alexander agreed to take Jayden as their adopted child. After all the papers were approved they brought Jayden with them and treated him like their biological child. “Babe, are you not done yet?” Alexander couldn't wait for Carl outside so he came to the room. “I can’t find my phone,” Carl was quite irritated. “Where did you put it?” Alexander helped him to find it until he stop when he noticed something. “Babe, in your pocket, isn’t that your phone?” “Oh my, St*pid me!” Then he took his phone out of his pocket. “Sorry, Babe. Let’s go!” He pecks on Alexander’s lips and holds his hand heading outside. Alexander just shakes his head letting Carl drag him outside to their car after they made sure that they locked their house securely. Alex told his driver-bodyguard to let him drive to school because he wanted to serve his family that day. The bodyguard then joined the others in a different car that will follow Alex and Carl to school. As soon as Alex started the engine, they drive to school as the program is about to start according to Carl's wristwatch when he checks the time. “Papa, Dada I missed you!” Jayden runs to them the moment he saw them walking towards their seat when they arrive at school. Alexander bends himself to pick up Jayden. Jayden used to call Carl, Dada, as he heard other kids calling their parents Papa and Dada and he said he wanted the same. Alexander and Carl just couldn’t resist what Jayden wanted to. They love him that much and want to give everything that makes him happy. “How’s my baby? Hmmm...” Alexander lightly pinched his cheeks and kissed him. “I want to go home today. I want to sleep with you and Dada.” Carl then joined the conversation, held his hand to Alexander’s waist while the other hand, held Jayden’s cute little hands. They're a picture of a happy family though they are a lot different from other families who have a husband and wife. “Okay baby, we’ll take you home after your school activity. Dada missed you too.” He then kisses his smooth rosy cheeks. “Okay! Enough of those guys. The program will start soon,” Carl’s Mom, Eliza Wright butting in. Alexander and Carl greeted their Mom with an embrace. Then they took their seats and listened to what the masters of the program were saying. As they understood, just like the previous year they have to play games, family games and there’s a lot of activities lined up on that day. The program started and all the participants are happy and seemed to be enjoying the events. Alexander and Carl with Jayden joined several categories that they are qualified to join. Joining Jayden's school activities when needed the parents to join is one of their best bonding as a family. When afternoon came, everyone was happy with the prizes and giveaways to those who didn't get the chance to win the games. Everyone is tired, but all their faces show joy and happiness seeing their little ones happy and enjoyed the activities. Jayden's family decided to leave immediately after the program ends. Alex and Carl planned to take their family for dinner after the activity in school. A simple treat for their little one and to Carl's mom who spent time to be with them on Jayden's family day. When they arrived at the carpark, Alex opened the car door for Carl after he settled Jayden to his nanny at the back seat. He then went to the driver's side because he is the one to drive the car. In an event that he is with his family, he will not allow his driver/bodyguard to drive for them. For him, it is his duty to his family to drive for them as this is occasionally happening beyond his busy schedule as an actor. Carl heaves a sigh when he entered the car putting on his safety belt. “Tired babe?” Alexander gently caresses his face and peck a kiss on his lips. “Yes, but I enjoyed it,” Carl responded as he looked behind the back seat and smiled while staring at Jayden who was sleeping on Ana’s lap. The kid is surely tired of playing. “Mom, Alex, and I agreed to have early dinner before we will drop you at my brother's house,” Carl told his mom who was sitting behind the driver’s seat. His mom is currently staying at his brother William’s house as she is spending her short holiday. She chose to stay there because his sister-in-law Lyneth will be due soon with his first nephew. “But Jayden is sleeping, right now.” “He will be waking up soon, Mom. He is already sleeping for an hour now.” Alexander joined into his husband and mother-in-law's conversation. Then he started the engine heading to the restaurant they reserved earlier. “Okay, up to you. I will just follow your decisions, Sons.” Eliza agreed, smiling. “Dada, Papa?!” Jayden just woke up when they arrived at the parking lot of the restaurant. Ana took off their safety belt and let him get off from her lap. “Papa is here, baby.” Alexander quickly got down from the car and went straight to open the car door at the back to take Jayden from Ana. “Let Papa carry you, Dada is tired. Do you have fun today?” He rubs the tip of his nose against Jayden. “Yes, Papa! You and Dada are so great. We won the games,” Jayden exclaimed happily with delightful eyes. Carl is smiling, happiness painted on his face while watching his beloved husband and son from the opposite side of the car. “I couldn’t ask for more. Just the two of them, my life is complete,” He thought. “Babe, let’s go! Mom and Ana are already inside.” Alexander then walked towards Carl, held him on his waist, and gave a smack on his lips and they walked towards the restaurant. When they entered the restaurant, they captured the eyes of other customers. Alexander is popular as an actor and Carl as a designer. They are a perfect couple and with Jayden, they’re a family you are dreaming of. Alexander and Carl smiled at everyone when they noticed people are looking at them. They are aware that Alexander's fans are everywhere but when it comes to his family, he once asked them to respect their privacy. He doesn’t want his fans to keep meddling with his family. He wants them to have a normal life, with no fans screaming and squeaking when he is with Jayden and Carl. Still, he has bodyguards with them in case some fans will be out of control and meddle with them when they are out. Alexander and Carl seated with Jayden in between them, while Eliza and Ana the opposite. “Grandma, when his Uncle William's baby coming out?” Jayden suddenly asked Carl about the baby that Lynette is going to give birth to too soon. “Soon, baby!” Eliza responds smiling at Jayden. “Is it a boy or a girl?” Jayden continues asking while writing on a paper that Ana gave to him. They always brought with them books or writing paper so he wouldn't get bored and keep running around. “I wish I had a brother and sister too. My friend has a little sister and little brother.” This made Alexander and Carl look at each other. Alexander reaches Carl’s hand on Jayden's small waist and presses it. “Aherm!” Alexander cleared his throat. “Your Uncle’s baby too can be your little brother, we will let you play in their house if you want when the baby comes out,” he told Jayden. “That’s right, baby Jayden. Nanny will go with you.” Ana tries to help to explain because this is not the first time Jayden asked for it and when they try to explain, he will end up being grumpy. “No! I want Papa and Dada to make my little sister and little brother!” Jayden says it so loud putting on the pen and paper, pouting his lips frowning with arms crossed on his chest. Carl leaned on the chair and closed his eyes because he didn't know how to explain to the child that they can’t do what he wants. Alexander patted his back to comfort him because he knows how frustrated he is when Jayden will ask this kind of question. Their orders came so the atmosphere got back to normal. They started eating, but Carl’s mind is quite bothered by Jayden’s wish. Alexander keeps staring at him silently while he is silently eating. Jayden at last stops asking and is busy eating the food that Alexander put on his plate. “I think it’s okay for me to take a taxi from here to William’s house.” Eliza started the conversation as he felt an awkwardness when her son was eating quietly. She knows that Carl was frustrated with Jayden's wish. “No, Mom! We will send you there. It’s fine. And it’s almost evening we can’t let you travel alone,” Alexander quickly responds. “Alex is right, Mom.” Carl agreed and continued eating. They finished their dinner and sent Eliza to William’s house. Then Alexander drove home as Jayden already fell asleep on Ana’s lap in the backseat. “Ana, let me carry him. Just take all his things with you.” Alexander took Jayden from Ana and get inside their house. Carl went inside first. He knows he is quite upset as he is quiet the whole time of their travel from his brother-in-laws’ place. He brought Jayden to his room and gently put him on his bed. Took off his shoes and went to the bathroom to get a towel and wet it with lukewarm water to clean the child. When he came out from the bathroom he saw Carl sitting beside Jayden caressing his face while the other hand holding his small hand. Alexander stood for a few minutes watching his husband and son on the bed. “Babe, let me wipe his hands and legs first.” Carl stands up to give way to Alexander and walks to Jayden's wardrobe to get his pajamas then puts them next to Alex. They help each other to change his clothes gently so as not to wake him up. “Babe, don’t get upset. Our son doesn’t know what he is saying.” Alexander caresses his face as he talks about Jayden's wish. “I know Babe, but sometimes it’s made me upset as I wanted to give it to him but I can’t?” Sadness painted on Carl’s face. “Don’t think too much about it, Babe. I understand. Soon Jayden will understand everything.” Alexander embraced and comforted him. It is one of their struggles as a same-sex couple at the moment, explaining to Jayden and let him understand their unique kind of family. “I’ll go first Babe I need to go to the shower. I’m so tired.” Carl kissed Jayden’s forehead. “Goodnight baby!” He whispers to him before going to the adjacent door connecting to their room. Alexander’s eyes looked following Carl from behind. He understands him for being upset, being frustrated. He knows how he loves Jayden and wants to give everything he wants aside from his wish to have a little sister and little brother. Their family suggested finding a surrogate mother for their babies but both of them didn’t agree especially Carl, his jealousy strikes him with the idea of letting the woman stay with them while carrying their baby. It’s a big NO for him. Living with a woman on one roof, that can’t be for him aside from their helper Ana who he has known for a long time. Alexander shook his head as he remembered how his husband reacted at that time. He put on the blanket properly on Jayden then switched on the bedside table lamp. He kissed Jayden and walked through the adjacent door. He just let it unlocked so they can hear or Jayden can go to their room on his own. He didn’t see Carl in the bedroom yet, so he went straight to the bathroom. There he saw his husband soaking himself in the bathtub, eyes closed. Without taking off his trousers, Alexander sat on the edge of the bathtub. Scooping the water by his hands to his husband's exposed arms and shoulders. He gave him a light massage on his head and neck down to his shoulders. He loves to pamper Carl when times like this that he is upset. Carl suddenly held one of his hands and took it to his lips and kissed it. “Babe, I’m sorry!” “Sorry for what? Hmmm?” He leans down and kisses Carl on his forehead. “For being upset, for not being able to give what our son is wishing for.” “Nah! Don’t overthink Babe, he will understand when he grows up. He is too young right now to understand our family. He doesn’t know what he is talking about but I know he will understand us when time comes.” “Thank you so much, Babe, for understanding me.” “Always will Babe for you. I love you!” Alexander then carries him out from the bathtub and dry him, taking him to their bedroom. “Babe, stop!” Alex held Carl’s wrist as he started touching the sensitive parts of his body. “I’m not doing anything, Babe,” Carl replies but continues running his fingers on Alex’s chest leaving tiny traces down to his prominent six-pack abdominal muscles. “Naughty!” Alex chuckled and leaned forward to kiss him. “Babe, it’s ticklish. Enough!” Carl is screaming, pushing Alex’s face away from his neck as the latter kisses and nibbles his earlobes down to his neck. “You started it, Mr. Wright. We will finish it. Aaaahh.....” Alex ended up moaning as Carl grabbed his length and moved his hand aggressively up and down pumping it hard. He then claimed his lips, invading his cavern, tasting the watery mouth of the beau below him like he could quench his sudden thirst. “I love you, Babe!” Alex said in his husky voice after parting their lips. “I love you too, Babe,” Carl responds while arching his body as Alex claims his tiny protruding buds alternately sending him shivers down to his spine made him insane. He squirmed as the sensation slowly empowered his soul, drifting him to an indescribable feeling that only Alex can give. “Alex....” he screamed his name when his kisses slowly trailing down to the most sensitive part of his body. Carl took a grip on the sheets when Alex claimed that delectable piece of meat down between his crotch. His legs trembled, toes curled as he claimed it fully, deep into his maw. “Babe, please..” he is panting and gasping for air, pulling Alex’s shoulders up. Alex looked up at him smirking. He knows what Carl wanted him to do. He released his shaft and trail feather-light kisses on his thighs made the latter screamed with so much sensation. “Babe, stop teasing me, please...” Carl, squirming his head, doesn't know which direction he is going to position himself as he feels something about to explode inside of him. Alex understands what his husband wanted, he gets up and positions himself, claiming him with his deep love and desire to make themselves in one, expressing each other’s love until they reach the peak of their activity. Alex collapsed on top of Carl, face buried on his neck nibbling his skin while Carl embraced him, panting and gasping for air. “Babe, you’re too heavy,” he complained. “Heavy? Just now you didn’t complain about it,” Alex distant himself from him and teased him. “I didn’t feel it...” Carl turned to hide his face from blushing. Alex chuckled. “You know what? We’ve been married for almost eight years now, but you’re getting cuter when you’re shy, Babe.” Carl smacked him on his arm. “Stop teasing me, Alex Green.” Alex held him on his wrist. “I’m telling the truth, my baby.” “Okay, fine!” He pouted. “See! When you pout, you look cuter.” “Enough! You’re just bluffing me.” Carl says, trying to push Alex off from him. “But time flies so fast, Babe. It seems that only yesterday when we met. Who could have thought that we will reach this far and not only you and me? We have our baby Jayden with us.” Alexander lie down beside him and embraced him while their legs intertwined with each other. They don’t care if they’re still sweaty and sticky because of their activity a while ago. “And I am thankful that both of you completed me. Both of you completed my life and helped me to know myself.” “I felt the same, Babe. I can’t ask for more. Just you and our son are enough. We also have a supportive family. What else can I ask for? I have everyone I love.” “I want to grow old with you, Babe. If the time comes that we’re old and may forget everything from the past, in my heart you’re always there. You and our son.” “Hey! Don’t say that, Babe. We won’t reach that level. We will grow old, enjoying our lives with our son and our grandchildren in the future.” Alex then sealed Carl’s mouth with a kiss so he won’t say anything he doesn’t like to hear from him again. It never came to his mind that they will experience what other older people had when they grew old. He wanted and wished that they could enjoy their lives when they retire. Just like their parents who enjoy visiting them and play with Jayden. Carl removes his arms from Alex’s embrace. “We have to shower, Babe. It’s so sticky and I am not comfortable sleeping with it,” he said, talking about the traces of them.

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