• 1.Dyed in Your Color

    Xian Moon finds himself the center of everyone's attention after the discovery that he looks very pretty in a wig. This leads to him being hounded to play the lead role in the film club's latest project, a gay romance that is sure to raise some eyebrows in their still-conservative country. At the same time, he quite literally stumbles across a beautiful man called Lance Hill, who he later learns is someone that others keep away from out of fear. They quickly form a friendship whose boundaries get more and more blurred as time goes on, and try as he might, Xian can't shake the feeling that Lance is hiding deep secrets... secrets that somehow have a lot to do with Xian himself. NOTE: The story continues in the second book, The Way Back to You.


  • 2.Mated To An Extraterrestrial Alpha

    This is an mxm story. Roman, the next in line as High Alpha has yet to meet his mate. In fact, the 26-year-old werewolf has already given up hope of ever finding them. Until a mission with his excavation team brings him face to face with Seren; an Athenian prince that has been in hypersleep for a couple of centuries. Can Roman protect him against a sinister plot that has already been set into motion? Or will he lose his mate and everything he holds dear?

    Dante T. Scott

  • 3.I Bet I Can Make Him Smile

    Storm Miles is a seventeen year old boy who lives alone with his little brother Luca. Storm is legally Luca's guardian but sees them as brothers most of the time. By the time Storm was four he had to learn to take care of himself while his parents were out doing god knows what. The only time he smiles is if he's around Luca or his only best friend Tyler. All anyone sees in him is the 'weird quiet emo kid' who sits alone and never talks. What happened when the school jock comes into his life? Jackson Rider is the schools most popular kid/Jock. He has his own little group of close friends, Kyle, being the smartest and nicest out of all of them has been friends with Jackson since 1st grade. What will happen when the other three bet he can make Storm Miles fall for him? Will he listen to Kyle that it's a bad idea and turn it down? Or will he let his pride get the best of him?


  • 4.The Alpha's Fox Mate

    Girl Power - Chasing her Apollo Writing Contest Marcelline Thorne Maynard is the youngest of the Alpha’s three daughters. Without male heirs who can take over Mariners Moon Pack, Marcy is forced to step in and become the next Alpha. She thought her situation was delicate enough when the Goddess blessed her with an opposite gender wolf - just like what happened to her father and mother, years ago. But soon enough, she finds herself in an even bigger mess when she discovers that her mate is a silver fox. Aware that werewolves and foxes are sworn enemies, what will Marcy do? Reject her mate and protect her title, or accept him and start a war? *** “So, tell me. What do you want, Marcelline?” His voice was a soft whisper as he inched closer, brushing his nose against my cheek. “I...I…” His light kisses on my chin made it terribly hard for me to concentrate. Why did I feel so helpless around him? I’m an Alpha, I don’t stutter - yet somehow, I could barely speak. “Come on, tell me…” The platinum-haired man continued his teasing, raising his hand to delicately cup my face. Fintan’s silky voice was hypnotizing; I was putty in his hands. As he trailed kisses down my neck, I got lost in the magical sensation of his frosty lips burning my porcelain skin. For a second, something clicked on me and I realized it didn’t matter that we barely knew each other. The sole fact that he was made for me, hand-chosen by the Goddess, should be enough for me to trust him. My body begged for his touch, my ears longed for his melodic voice; I didn’t want to fight the feeling any longer. In a blink of an eye, the words came out of my mouth, almost as if I was compelled to say them. “I want you, Fintan,” I pleaded at last. **DAILY UPDATED** (This book is the second in the Switched Series. Although reading the first is not necessary, feel free to do it in case you'd like to know more about the switched wolf pair)

    Anne Louise

  • 5.The Alpha Queen and Her Rogue Kingdom

    (Girl power - Chasing her Apollo Writing contest) **Book 2 of Royal Alphas Series** What would happen when your fated mate killed your dad after having marked you? You reject him and declare war on his kingdom. Or at least that's what Elina Bloodmoon did, being the last survivor member of an ancient lineage of Royal Alphas, she was left alone after his mate's family killed hers, she later sworn to protect him and they had passionate but brief romance until he decided to execute her foster dad for treason. Now she has rejected him, king Bastian Vark, and left him after declaring war against him and his people, and found her only living relative living as a Rogue while forming the Red Army, a large group of rogues willing to do anything to get back what belongs to them. Will they be able to face each other in battle as enemies? Or will their love be enough to overcome rejection, plots and resentment?

    Luna Carmal

  • 6.My brother's best friend

    "And suddenly you fall in love with who you least love" What happens when you fall in love with your brother's hateful best friend? And without imagining it we find ourselves, without imagining we live a reality This is my story, my reality.

    Karla Oviedo

  • 7.Betrayed

    After being Betrayed by her family, husband and best friend  Shaylene comes back to the city where her live was ruined to face the people who caused her so much pain.  Now Shay is back and ready to start over again all on her own but thinstead won't be so easy when the people from her past tries to ruin her once again. Will she survive?  Will she ever find her happiness?  Press the read button to find out more. *Daily updates*  


  • 8.A Beauty In Nerd Disguise

    "Don't make that face please; you look ugly," he said emotionless. " Di-di-did you ju-just TALKED?!!" I stuttered as I still couldn't believe that he just talked. "No-no I ju-just sang lalalala" he mocked me with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes. But seriously, he can really talk?. Oh my god. Then I *faint* due to the great shock. ---------------------------------------------------------- Violet Wilson is her name she's smart, kind and very Gorgeous. But she believed that her beauty would only bring destruction to her family, so she decided to disguise herself as a nerd to cover up her beauty. She has a terrible nightmare every night about her miserable past that's been haunting her; and since 'that day', she didn't laugh, smile or cry again. She lived her life pretty much emotionless as she didn't want to ever feel pain again.

    Lake Syerra

  • 9.Visions of Wolves

    *Chasing her Apollo When Teal agrees to visit a town in the middle of nowhere for work, she hopes it will be the break she needs to pull her out of the rut she’s been in. But when she finds herself in the middle of a territorial fight between wolf shifters, her life is changed forever. Now she must decide if she has the courage to explore this new world filled with shifters, magic and the answers to a power growing within her or return to the safety of home - that’s if the Alpha will let her go.

    Eliza Sarcol

  • 10.Defying the Laws

    Derek was the first born son of the Werewolf King of Asteria. But when his first transformation hit before anyone expected, they knew he was different from the rest. His younger brother Myles looked to exploit him for it, but their father only advocated that it meant Derek was the strongest werewolf royal yet. During his trainings, a turn of events alters his timeline completely. Cast out, he has made a revolution, the first of its kind. The Blood Moon Pack was born, but how? This cast out Price turned ruler anew, and in the most unusual of ways. His mate will make sure of that. ***************************** Book 1 of the 4 book series: Defying the Laws Overpowering the Tragedy When Worlds Collide The Rarest Of Them All


  • 11.Half life

    A story of a young English girl in a modern world as she journeys from childhood through teenage hood to adulthood in the face of violence, sexual abuse and exploitation. In this story, the author tries to stage out all the plights of a young girl child. A must read for every youth.

    Author Hearts


    "BLACKLIST" is a mobile application that has the ability to kill people in just a couple of seconds. It is too deadly that it can track anyone just by their victims' pictures or even names. The person who will be enlisted in the app has to do everything just to avoid their inevitable death. Charles Andrew Concepcion is the seven-year-old adopted child of Concepcion family. Because of the family business that his family has, he grew up feeling alone and unlove. He thinks that his parents doesn't love him. He gets everything that he wants except the attention from them. This leads him to an emotional breakdown and depression at a very young age. Installing game application is his only way for him to cope up with his sadness. But neither does he knows, his life is about to change when he accidentally downloaded the BLACKLIST application and used it. From ordinary up to the person with the special participation in the society, he will experience the gore and effectiveness of the said deadly app. How long does it take for his parents to discover that Charles Andrew is using the wrong app? How long does it take for them to realize that their son is making the biggest sin that a human can do in his life? Can you imagine a seven years old boy, who still considered as a little boy, can kill thousands of lives in just one click? A little boy with an innocent mind is hiding a darkest secret. No one wants to know, no one wants to experienced. Shutting down the application and deleting it is the only way. But how will you assure that once you delete the app, the killings will stop? Date started: August 06, 2021


  • 13.Scarlett Brown - The Half Witch

    Being a witch was supposed to be fun, an unexpected surprise that Scarlett hoped to enjoy but she gets an even bigger surprise with the life she finds herself sucked into when she is driven off to Jeswing boarding school. She is thrown into a whirlwind of secrets, lies, betrayal, ghosts and a hunter that's determined to kill the last hybrid, Scarlett Brown, but most importantly her unexpected love story with a certain blue-eyed vampire: "He took a large gulp of air breathing me in, “I waited for you. Just like I promised,” he whispered into my ear. “Just like I’ve done in every life time.” As if we weren’t close enough I felt him bring me closer to him. I felt him chuckle and then he let go of me a little so he could look at me. “I memorized the scent of your soul. Even after all these years you still smell the same. You took a bit longer to come back to me this time ” He held my face in his hands I almost panicked seeing the tears on his face. “But here you are right in front of me. You are in my arms again Natalia.” He leaned his forehead against mine." Antonio Vedal is a Vampire that has been searching for his love for more than a Hundred years and finally she comes back to him as a hot tempered half witch. He has lost her in many lives but he refuses to loose her in this one too. Join Scarlett, Antonio, Amanda and the rest of the gang as they try to save the last hybrid.


  • 14.LOVE OF A QUISLING- A Blazing Inferno

    Lia Harrison is a witch who cannot use magic. Her poor aptitude for magic is a stain on her mother’s reputation. That is, until a wrong turn in the bustling city of New York leaves her stranded and in the company of a Demon. Travis, a high-ranking demon, is on a mission to kill the Jade witch. The first face he sees when he arrives on Earth is Lia’s. Lia thinks that he is a human. The fact that she has no knowledge of a demon’s traits only makes matters worse. Travis doesn’t sense any magical aura from Lia and also assumes she is human. And so the Demon and the witch become friends, both being none the wiser. In a world where witches and demons walk separate paths, will their love end up like the dying embers of a flame, or will it transform into a blazing inferno?


  • 15.Bituin: Queen of Aourterde

    The Kingdom of Aourterde was once envied by many for its thriving livelyhood, its happy people and a King and Queen who were loved by many. After the assasination of her parents due to a failed betrothal, all responsibilities fall on the shoulders of Bituin Dilasay, the next Queen of Aourterde. The fallen and forgotten Kingdom of Aourterde and its people need saving, everyone turns to the Queen for a way out and she is determined to not let them down. Join Bituin, Nimuel and Jed as they try to save their Kingdom from the likes of sorcery, betrayal, and dangerous betrothals.


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