Fated Mate

1875 Words
Nova POV. "MATE" One word. That's all it took and my life as I knew it had changed. My breath left me and my heart started beating erratically as the realisation my chosen mate had found his fated mate hit me like a train. “Relax Nova, remember Axton loves us and we have an agreement in place” I hear Kia my wolf murmur to me. Ignoring the devastation I feel making my body turn numb I put up my mental blocks which I had hardened over the years and I force myself to relax and smile. "Deep breaths Nova that’s it, we knew this day could come. We are strong, we are Luna" my wolf Kia whispers strengthening me. I look forward and see that Axton is frozen, staring towards the lady in front of him. They are both mesmerised taking in each others eyes, oblivious to the world around them. Despite the pain I feel in my heart and the tears that are threatening to fall I reach forward and place my hand on his lower back, gently I push him forwards. With that, Axton lurches towards her and wraps his arms around her waist, bringing her close and lifting her off of the ground giving her a loving kiss, her hands tangling in his hair. Feeling taken aback by his outward show of passion with his new mate in front of a gathering of Alphas I try to stifle a gasp. I assumed he would introduce himself and explain his current situation with me as his Luna however seeing him take another woman in his embrace so naturally causes my breath to hitch once again as my mind goes blank. Waking up today I had been focused on moving forward to try and sort our rogue problem, now I am faced with the heartbreaking reality my life will never be the same. After a long minute I get control of my breathing once again and force my eyes to look away from the passionate scene in front of me to address the other Alphas who are stood staring in shock at the turn of events. "How about we all move along to the conference room and begin our meeting, let's leave them to have some privacy." I say in a soft voice, ignoring the stabbing pain in my heart. Looking up I see the sympathetic looks and pity in their eyes which makes my heart tighten in response as I gesture towards the large double doors behind us. "Come, we have lots to discuss” I utter trying to keep my voice strong despite my inner turmoil. As I make my way towards the conference room I see Alice and immediately I see the questions in her eyes. "Not now Alice, later. Can you please ensure refreshments are brought through for us all" I say via mindlink. Her eyes soften and with a nod of her head she turns towards the kitchen making me grateful she didn’t ask for more information as I’m unsure I could answer rationally right now. Ignoring the whispers around me I take my seat at the top right of the table as I try to straighten my thoughts. “He didn’t even look at us Ki” I say to her sadly to which she has no response. Organising the files in front of me I steal a few deep breaths before lifting my head and addressing the room. "As Alpha Axton is currently familiarising himself with his new mate I will head the meeting, are there any objections?" I ask proud that my voice comes out steady and clear. With a raised eyebrow I look around and see everyone shaking their heads. "Fabulous, then let's proceed. As you are all aware we have had peace for the last 5 years, with the odd loner passing through we have seen no threat until a month ago. It began one night with the attack of 5 rogues on one of our border patrols, we kept two and after interrogation they admitted to following a new Rogue King. Their purpose was as they stated "to take back what was his." These attacks have become more frequent and are increasing in size. Reports have also been made that rogues have been spotted scouting the borders of our neighbouring packs, Midnight Sky and Black Star. If I can pass over to the Alphas of both they can fill us in." Alpha Jax of the Midnight Sky pack nodded and began addressing the room. "We have had 3 reports over the last 2 weeks of groups of 3-6 rogues scouting our borders. They have not once crossed our borders and have ensured they stayed in neutral territory with no signs of aggression. Last Thursday we were alerted to a group staying towards the northern end of our territory requesting a meeting with myself. I met with them and a rogue who called himself Beta Kingsley asked if I had a she-wolf under the name of Athena Prince living within our pack lands. Upon me saying no he simply thanked me for my time and retreated." "Did he provide any more information as to who this she-wolf may be?" Interrupted a young man. Alpha Jaxs aura bristled at the interruption before he turned his bright green eyes to the man who interrupted him. "And you are..." "Blaze, warrior scout of the Moonbeam Pack." His neck bowed in submission. "Next time ensure there are no interruptions" Alpha Jaxs voice was clear and stern. His Alpha wolf clearly unhappy with his blatant lack of respect. "As I was saying, there was no more said between us. The meeting was short, very short. I believe he sensed no deception from myself and thought there be no need to continue the conversation." With that he gestured to the Alpha of the Black Star pack, Alpa Brent, to speak. "We have also had similar interactions with the rogues. No aggression has been spotted and I myself had a meeting with Beta Kingsley upon our eastern border. With my answer the same as Alpha Jaxs he retreated and we have not seen any movement since, this happened last Friday." His piercing blue eyes turned back to me indicating he had said what he needed. "Thank you for filling us all in. I'm unsure as to why they are showing aggression towards our pack, I can assume they believe the she-wolf in question is staying within our pack however I can assure you all we have no she-wolf under the name Athena Prince sworn in to our pack or staying within our territory." I said clearly. "I would like to proceed with requesting a meeting with this Beta Kingsley you have both mentioned, however I do believe it would show unified strength as part of our peace treaties if representatives from both the Midnight Sky and Black Star pack could join me. My plan was to release one of the rogues with a message requesting a meeting on our border, however this morning both wolfs were found dead within their cells. Apart from the silver cuffs to prevent shifting and the injection of wolfsbane to gather the information we have, neither wolves had received any physical harm from us. I believe this to be the actions of a witch to prevent any information being passed on to us..AHHhh." I groan unable to stop the shock of my pain escaping me. I clutch my stomach, biting my lip to try and stop further sounds of pain escaping me. "Deep breaths Nova, I'm here with you." Kia breathed. Whilst I had been able to deal with the pains in my heart, it now felt as if I was being stabbed in my abdomen over and over, the physical pain adding to the emotional distress made me struggle to keep control. “The fuckers” I growl softly through clenched teeth as wave after wave of pain surges through me making my neck burn at Axtons betrayal. "Would you like to postpone this meeting Luna Nova?" Alpha Jax asked softly. I looked up and I could see concern flitting across his green eyes before they hardened and the Alpha mask was back up. "I mean we can consult our Betas and resume this meeting this evening over dinner if it would be more suitable. I myself find no objection in your request however as you have mentioned a witch may be involved so we do need to consider our packs safety. Although after hearing you I do believe you may be right. We need to focus on the best way forward as allies." As the pain momentarily subsided and I managed to regain my breath I offered him a small smile of gratitude at his suggestion before straightening my back and speaking "Thank you for your concern Alpha Jax, dinner will be at 7pm served in the dining room. We can discuss the way to proceed then. If you may excuse me, I would like to freshen up and inform the kitchen of our evening plans. Alice is outside the door, she will be more than happy to show you all to the guest rooms I have readied for you." My voice clear yet short indicating the meeting was now over. Everyone stood and began heading towards Alice, sympathetic looks thrown my way. Taking a moment to myself before leaving the room I can’t stop the tears from slowly falling down my face, “he was never ours Nova” Kia murmurs to me. “I know Ki, I knew this day would come but it hurts just the same. We have grown to love this man and now his love towards me will be gone. I just need some time to accept that” I whisper. “I understand Nova, I’m sure he will come to see us soon. Once we have explained to his mate our agreement we can proceed and end this mateship so we don’t suffer anymore pain” Kia soothes me. Hearing those words I shake my head to get a hold of myself and I stand up to leave the room. Holding my head high and ensuring I have a smile on my face for my pack members, I hide how devastated I truly feel. I make my way outside, however before I can reach the entrance hall a searing pain in my abdomen causes me to call out and tears pool in my eyes. Doubling over the pain only got worse, feeling as if I had been stabbed and the knife was being twisted in my stomach I fall to the ground clutching at my sides. My heart breaks as I realise my mate is so lost in the throughs of passion he hasn’t considered the pain he is inflicting on me. I hear Kia growl in anger as waves of loss hit me through our breaking bond. Gritting my teeth I call for Alice silently, "Alice..help. Hurt..." gritting my teeth to prevent the screams leaving my mouth, I groaned, tears streaming down my face. "Luna...LUNAA" I heard being screamed before strong arms lifted me up off of the floor and my mind went blank.
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