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Jax POV. "Alice show me to where the Luna can rest, also mind-link your pack doctor and get him over here immediately." I instruct, cradling Luna Nova close to my chest I stand up. "I have contacted Doctor Trevor already Alpha, he will be here shortly, follow me please I will show you to her room." I look down at Novas tear streaked face and cradled her closer. Understanding the pain she is in, I can't help but admire her strength and dedication to both her chosen and her pack. I could see the looks of admiration towards her on the other Alphas faces throughout the meeting. We all saw her slight movement to encourage her chosen to speak to his fated, we would have understood if she has requested to postpone the meeting however for her to proceed in the manner she did not only showed us her strength but also her understanding. People were quiet and respectful throughout the meeting, speaking only when spoken to, something which is normally hard to strive for in a room full of hot headed Alphas, however this graceful woman held her dignity and got on with the job at hand. A true Luna. I followed Alice as we headed up the stairs and down a corridor. Nova began groaning in my arms and I instinctively tightened my arms, fresh tears fell down her face as her body contorted with the pain. "It's just down here Alpha, I've requested some warm towels be...." She tailed off as we both heard the loud moans and grunts from behind the door. Her eyes widened in shock before being consumed by anger. "HOW COULD THEY?" She shouted. "Unbelievable" I muttered, " Alice can you point me in the direction of my room and I will lay Nova down there for the time being. We can arrange another room for myself later." With that, Alice glared once more at the door before striding back down the corridor and up another flight of stairs and opening a door on the left. Walking in I was immediately struck by how welcoming it was, soft furnishings graced the room, fresh flowers in a vase on a table along with some refreshments. Putting Nova down on the bed, Alice then sat beside her and began stroking Novas hair, concern evident across her face. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. "Come in" I instructed, not wanting to leave my spot standing beside the bed. Doctor Trevor immediately went to the side of the bed and began his checks. I could feel Zeus pacing back and forth in my head, "you alright Zeus?" I asked. "I feel restless Jax, protective even. That damn Alpha has lost my respect, that is not how Alphas conduct themselves" he growled back. "I know buddy, it's shameful. Let's see what the doctor says." I say turning my attention back to the bed. "Luna is suffering from a mates betrayal as you have both probably assumed already" the doctor began, " as we are aware Alpha Axton and Luna Nova are in a chosen mate relationship but the betrayal works as in every relationship when there is infidelity after being marked. Intimacy with another outside of the mateship causes extreme pain to the other. If it continues at this intensity we would lose our Luna within a couple of months. I can only hope the Alpha has been caught up in the moment of meeting his fated to not consider the pain he has made the Luna suffer. She needs rest and to stay hydrated. It is of most importance that she looks after her body to the best of her ability. Her wolf is incredibly strong, in fact I don't believe I've ever met a wolf as strong as hers. Together they will lend strength to one another. I cannot do much, however if this continues please let me know and I will come back." With that he left the room. "Fuck." Alice simply said, tears gathered in her eyes yet refusing to fall. "I will go to the kitchen and request some food to be brought to us, are you okay here Alice?" I asked. "I can do that Alpha, it is my duty. What can I.." "No Alice, you stay with the Luna. She needs support, the least I can do is get us some food." I quickly leave the room and follow my nose towards the kitchen. "Having to organise yourself and look after the Luna, not great for a visitor is it" muttered Zeus in my head. I simply shook my head and carried on. Opening the doors to the kitchen my stomach growled loudly. An older lady radiating warmth stood by the oven mixing a pan, she lowered her head and smiled over at me in greeting. "Can I request some food be brought to my room for myself, the Luna when she wakes and Alice. We are also having dinner at 7pm in the dining room, the Luna was on her way to speak to you however something has come up and she needs some rest. If you could do whatever you think is best I'm sure everyone will be understanding." "Of course Alpha, I will ensure that is brought up shortly. I will include the Lunas pills, Alice will know what to do." She replied. Smiling in appreciation I left and made my way back upstairs. Briefly wondering what pills Nova took before deciding it is not my place to ask such things. Knocking quietly before letting myself back into the room I quickly see Alice had got a damp cloth and is wiping Novas forehead with it whilst whispering she is going to be okay. Apart from the odd whimper she seems to be in much less pain. "I'm in half a mind to march over there and give him a piece of my mind for what he's put Nova through today. What both of them have done. I don't even know her name, none of us do, yet they're up there inflicting the most horrendous pain on the most genuinely lovely person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting" Alice seethes to me. "I kn.." I started before Alice continued "AND in THEIR bed. I mean how dare they. How can he be so heartless as to bed another women, fated or not, in the bedroom that they have shared for the past 3 years. It's like he has forgotten all about her. If he wasn't my Alpha..." she trailed off as if realising she was ranting around another Alpha. "I apologise Alpha, I should have kept my thoughts to myself, I am just upset for my Luna and friend." I smile, letting her know it's ok. "I understand Alice, believe me when I say I know what pain your Luna is suffering. It's one I don't wish on anyone. She will be grateful for you being there for her. I'm afraid Alpha Axton will have to deal with the consequences of his actions later, if only he had thought about what those may be earlier." As I finished speaking Nova once again cried out in pain, her body shaking and her hands clawing at her stomach. I flinched, without thinking I sat on the bed and lifted her into my lap, cradling her into my chest. I saw Alice's eyes widen slightly before realising her Luna was calming down in my arms. "Keep her safe" Zeus whispered to me before retreating to the back of my mind. Slowly stroking her back I sat there until she began writhing in pain. "Alpha her neck" Shouted Alice, "somethings wrong, she's burning up!" I looked and immediately growled, my eyes shifting between those of Zeus and myself I focused on Nova and what was happening. "He fucking marked her, that bastard has marked her!" I snarled, "has he no acceptance of the laws, he's not only put his Luna through so much pain he's now put her at a risk of dying!" The door flew open and a tall, well built man came rushing in the room. His aura sneaking out because of his fury causing Alice to lower her neck in submission. "You must be the Beta" I snap. "Where have you been?" "Nova? Nova? What's wrong?" He cried, "what's happening Alice?" Trying to pry Nova off of me I tightened my grip aware he hadn't acknowledged my question. "It's the Alpha...he's met his fated. He...he's completed the mating process." Alice says, the Betas face drops. His upset clearly showing. "How could he do that to my sister" he whispered. He reached for her again, this time I opened my arms and transferred her over to him. He stayed cuddling her on the bed, whispering he's there for her as we waited for Doctor Trevor to return.
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