Story By Enna Mortenson

Enna Mortenson

FL. Horror movie buff, self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, HomeGoods treasure hunter. I have a massive crush on Bill Skarsgard. My favorite color is blue. Instagram: @ennamortenson
The Luna’s Peak
Updated at Apr 17, 2024, 16:38
It’s been five years since Reid found closure in Canada, and he and Natalie have settled into their happily ever after quite nicely. The Black Summit pack has continued to grow in size and in strength. Unfortunately, a loss shattered Reid and Natalie’s world…a little boy with a head full of jet black hair, and Natalie’s desire for children, for an heir of their own, died with him. After three wandering werewolves from a pack on the other side of the Canadian border open Reid’s eyes to the possibilities that lay in Quebec, he is determined to do something that no Alpha has done before. In the midst of Reid’s negotiations with the Luna Bleue pack, an old friend resurfaces for the first time since the untimely death of Reid and Natalie’s son. She has come to collect, to take advantage of a contractual agreement that nobody expected she ever would. While Reid is occupied with his newest business venture, and with satisfying the terms of the contract, Natalie’s worst fear becomes a reality. Will Reid succeed, in all of his endeavors? Will Natalie overcome and face her most important role yet?
The Alpha’s Catharsis
Updated at Jun 29, 2023, 20:13
Six months after the brutal battle between the Black Summit pack and the vampires, Natalie has acclimated to her position as Alpha Reid’s Luna quite well. Ellie and Kate are both mothers to their bouncing baby boys. Grady is still missing, and in her absence, Natalie and Reid have adopted Cujo. Alpha Reid has set his sights on a small pack in New York State—the last one in the area that hasn’t been absorbed by Black Summit. Unbeknownst to Natalie and Reid, however, a much darker force has already beaten them to the Waning Moon pack. Alpha Nicholas has sinister intentions. There is evil lurking, and it’s calling Reid into the void. Natalie must keep her Mate grounded as he grapples with what’s left of himself after Willem’s death. She must serve as his sense of logic and calm through a series of grisly, unexplainable occurrences that all seem to be connected to him. Can Natalie and Reid navigate the unknown and keep the Black Summit pack from crumbling? Will Grady be found before it’s too late?
My Second Chance Mate
Updated at Dec 9, 2021, 18:40
Natalie is the daughter of Alpha Angus, of the White Mountain pack. She left her home to live among the humans, following a violent, hate-fueled rejection from her Mate. Regardless of her reason for leaving, as the Alpha's daughter, her departure caused an uproar and brought shame to her family. Three years later, Natalie lives in an apartment in a picturesque neighborhood in Manhattan. She works as the office manager at a small advertising company. She has a human boyfriend. She keeps to herself, lives a simple life, and she likes it that way. But then her neighbor goes missing. Her disappearance is followed by a string of strange murders. Natalie's mother contacts her to warn her of impending danger. She finds her second chance Mate, but she panics and flees. Ultimately, she's forced to return to her pack, thus marking an end to her simple, human life. She's thrust into a mess of deception, betrayal, fear, death, and blood.