Story By Sinful writing by sophie.F

Sinful writing by sophie.F

I am new to writing I have read so many books recently then found out about Dreame. Read my books and explore a new world. A good way to escape reality is with a book
All of our demons
Updated at Jan 10, 2022, 03:11
“Everyone has there own demons" He’s given into the beast inside surrendering himself to it. His wolf craves the blood, the screams of his victims, the control he has. When he finds Mia she brings a light into his darkness. Innocents he once held himself. "It wont be this world that kills her Greyson, it will be loving you." Mia is human and letting her into his world will only destroy her. When Mia's life is put at risk will he be able to save her or will he be the one she needs saving from. Two broken soles are matted one human and one a creature slaved to the beast inside of him. Can two broken soles mend together or will they only shatter each other further to the point where nothing can save them?
Behind the bully
Updated at Jul 18, 2021, 11:33
People think he’s cold hearted. He’s not he’s just been hurt to many times to care anymore. “Sometimes... sometimes I get these urges and I just want to hurt people. I want them to hurt the way I hurt. I want them to cry the way I cried. I want them to be scared like I am. I want to feel big and strong and... powerful, not week.”