Story By Miss A

Miss A

Hello, my fellow passionate readers and writers! I\'m not new in writing a story but this is the first time I\'m publishing my story. I hope that you\'ll learn to love my stories as much as I love them. Reading and writing are my passion and I hope that all my readers will see it in my works. Have a great day!
Updated at Dec 19, 2019, 14:20
Mia loves Matthias. But Matthias loves Lea, Mia's elder sister. More than ten years of unrequited love, and sacrifice. Change by one night of passion. Is this Mia's step to the fulfillment of her dreams or the doorway to her doom?
The Arrange Marriage with My Best Frenemy
Updated at Dec 17, 2019, 16:29
Louise Archer has a secret fiancé since childhood, and it’s no other than the famous playboy billionaire, Axel Hunter. They were engaged because of an old tradition between their families. Axel and her, throughout the years, have maintained a rocky relationship. They are frenemies. They hate each other’s guts, but they’re also helpers of each other especially Axel rescuing Louise. He has helped Louise countless times since high school because she always gets in trouble. Whenever she goes, it seems trouble follows her around. It’s Louise that always makes a request. But this time, it’s different. “Louise, let’s break up this farce of an engagement...I found the woman of my dreams.” “Woman of your dreams?!” Louise, never in her wildest dreams, thought that she’ll ever hear this from the great Axel. What should she do now? ***Daily Update. ***This will be a series.