Story By Slimjshady


Hi everyone, welcome to my page. I have two different books. Feel free to give them both a read. :)
Updated at Apr 19, 2021, 20:20
Skyler McCall belongs to the Silvercrest wolf pack, and she is the daughter of the alpha. She is respected and loved by all. Skyler plays by nobodies rules but her own. When their school burns down by rogue wolves, all the teenagers in the pack need to relocate to the closest high school on unclaimed territory, Shadow Heights High School. Adrian Black is the alpha of the largest pack in the world, the War black wolf pack. He is feared and respected, and the schools bad boy. When Skyler McCall and Aiden Black finally come face to face. Will everything go smoothly or will things come crashing down?
War of the Sun
Updated at Aug 26, 2020, 17:59
Aurora had no idea that the disappearance of her mother would change her life forever. Shipped off to a new country at seven years old where she knew no one. Eleven years later, Aurora is back to claim what's hers, and wreak havoc on those who robbed her of her innocence. She has spent the last ten years preparing for the hell on earth shes planning on unleashing on the ones who've wronged her.