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P.K. Woods

***Note 01/12/22 The Unknown Alpha will be finished!! Sorry to those who have been waiting for daily updates. All other stories from this day forward will be complete before publishing and will be on scheduled release. Thanks you for your reads and I\'m sorry I had to take such a long break, but a few serious things have happened in my life in the last few months. Thank you all for being patient, but just be patient a little bit longer.*** I\'m a wife and mother. My husband and I have 8 children, two sets of twins, 5 girls and 3 boys. My oldest daughter is in college. The older twins(girls) graduate high school (5/26/21). As of June 2021, my oldest son is now a Junior, my other set of twins(girl/boy) are now Sophomores, my youngest daughter is now a 8th grader, and last but certainly not least my youngest son is now a 5th grader. I spend most of my time writing or taking my children to the many Volleyball, Football, Basketball, or Softball practices they have. I am just your average domestic engineer. Also I wanna be a writer... telling you a story that I hope you\'ll LOVE. I have many books in the works. Many genres for readers to choose from. I hope one or many will appeal to you Thanks for the reads. :)
The Unknown Alpha
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“Don’t stop… please… ugh…” I gasp out as Maddox slams into me as he holds me up against a tree. “I’m gonna… don’t stop… OH MY GOD!” I scream in ecstasy. A few more thrust and he pulls out and cums under me onto the tree bark. “I will never get enough of you Kaly.” Maddox breathes heavily against my neck. “Kalysta” I hear my mother yell. “Oh shit.” I whisper. Maddox lets me down and I pull my underwear and pants back on. “She will kill us if she finds us.” I whisper to him as he pulls up his pants. “Kalysta Tru Flores! Where are you?” My mother shouts in her Luna tone. I smile at Maddox and kiss his cheek. “I have to go.” I run toward the pack house. I knew Maddox would circle the other way and come in the front door. I ran toward my mother. I stopped at the tree line and put my hands on my knees panting. “W-what is it? Is s-something wrong?” I say trying to catch my breath. “Where have you been? You know your father told you not to go out alone.” She glares at me with her hands on her hips. “Mom I have told you I don’t need a babysitter. I went for a run.” I say looking at her with a smirk. She rolls her eyes and walks inside. ‘whoo that was close.’ I really shouldn’t be sneaking off with Maddox, but I just can’t help it. He is so damn fine. I walk into the pack house run up the stairs to my room and quickly jump in the shower. Most of the time we meet by the lake so we can wash off each other’s scent, but mom kind of put a damper on that today. Now I have to hide my clothes in the bottom of my dirty basket and wash my own clothes later. As I wash him off of me all I can think about is how I want him more. He may be an omega, but he is a really hot one. He is 6’6” with dirty blonde hair. He keeps it nice and shaved on the bottom and shaggy curly on top. His hazel eyes are enough to make any girl swoon and his full lips are kissably soft. Match that with his tan skin and not overly built, but muscular body, and I can’t keep my hands to myself.
Her Second Chance.
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“Sir is something wrong?” “Oh no. I have seemed to have misplaced my note from earlier. Have you seen it?” he asks looking up from the pile of papers on his desk. “No sir I haven’t but I can help you look.” I say bending over to pick up the papers that had fallen from the front of his desk. I hear a soft growl. “Graci sweetie you know what that does to me.” He says pinching the bridge of his nose. “Sorry sir.” I say standing up. Apparently, my a** in his kryptonite. I smile to myself I don’t mean to do it I just forget. I have these two hot men around and they both give me “come f**k me eyes”.