Story By Alec Jae

Alec Jae

I’ve always loved writing and it’s a part of who I am but for months now I’ve struggled to be proud of what I’m writing. I’m trying my best and promise to continue my work when I can be satisfied with what I can give you as readers.
You Are Not Cursed
Updated at Apr 2, 2021, 17:00
COMPLETE Charlie McCall was a werewolf… but it wasn’t as fun as it sounds. After surviving a car crash that ended her parents life she has no choice but to move back to hometown where after years of keeping to herself in fear of her secret being found out she makes friends, some old friends from her childhood and some new. One expected friend she makes is Killian Clarke. Killian Clarke is the high school’s loner, he had a bad boy’s reputation and more but despite the warnings Charlie finds herself getting close to Killian Clarke. After all, everyone has more than one side and those around Charlie might not be use she expects. While trying to get through her final year of high school Charlie has to deal with people turning on her, her worst nightmare of Killian finding out what she really is, and her first relationship. But can Killian convince her that being a werewolf isn’t a curse or will everything fall to pieces.
Sudden Bite
Updated at Dec 8, 2018, 19:03
Catalina O’Neil was like the spring, walking barefoot everywhere, wildflowers threaded through messy braids, laying in the afternoon sun, going on big adventures, muddy feet, toothy smiles and freckles. She was like the earth, accepting of everyone, following her own path, sunflowers and stargazing off mountain cliffs, running through tall grass, folklore stories of fairies and dragons, long dresses and always positive, and a child at heart. She was a petit half Korean girl that could sometimes be a little too naïve which can get her into trouble, especially during her senior year. Alexander Knight was the complete opposite, a mystery who warns bad rumors the second he walks in. No one knew his story so they made their own but Catalina didn’t believe them, she’s never believed in gossip even if her brother loved it. Catalina wasn’t scared of Alexander like everyone else was but maybe she should because beneath it she discovered a world of danger and a dark secret that could get her hurt. But it wasn't just the story of their love... it was about the cost of their love.
Strangers to Mates
Updated at Sep 26, 2018, 18:56
Erin Farewell was an independent and stubborn werewolf, but she feared her seventeenth birthday. Her life was simple with her two best friends and her parents. But when her best friends Sadie and Chris are mated together she's only reminded of how much closer that will happen to her. As much as people tell her that your mate is all you need, she didn't want her life to change. When the neighboring pack comes to sign an alliance, Erin is instantly annoyed by their to be alpha but can't deny the odd feeling she gets when he touched her. At the end of the year party, midnight comes and Erin's soul has started looking for it's other half. Will she run away from the person the fates have given her or will she learn to love him and accept what she knows she really wants.