Becoming Human


Juana Makan LGBT+

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Great power comes with great responsibility.

Janni has been living by that statement in her adult life. She learned the hard way that she has to tuck her power as a witch.

Her genes dictate that she is a powerful witch while her wolf is a daughter of a dominant alpha. However, growing up with people with different abilities, she would rather choose to become a human.

Her mother almost died because her power made itself known. She would rather be a normal human than hurt the very person that made a huge sacrifice for her existence.

Everything went well until her wolf found half of her soul.

Leonel is a pure human. A very attractive female that fucks anything that walks.

They met through a not very good circumstance. From then on, they became friends that add to the number of people that treat her like a porcelain doll.

Janni became the go-to person for Leonel. She has been the shoulder and the hand that picks her up from her hook-ups. She became everything for Leonel except being her woman.

Leonel has been a very independent person. She trusts no one. Women are disposable for her. They like only one thing from her, money. And she has a lot to spend.

If there is one person that she trusts, that is Janni.

She can screw up everyone else but not her. She could be the shrewd businesswoman and the womanizer but she would never hurt Janni. She is the only person that she would never disappoint.

Janni is the purest person she ever knew and Leonel would fight tooth and nail for her friend. She could sacrifice anything but not the friendship she and Janni has.

But why does she feel threatened when she saw her with another woman? She did not know that Janni swings that other way. All along, she thought her friend is straight.

What she felt for Janni is still platonic or is it a borderline possessive that has nothing to do with friendship?
Is she willing to sacrifice their friendship for something she herself cannot name? Will she stay if she learned that Janni is more than just human?

January 2022


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THE blinding lights from the chandelier and the flashing of the cameras, hurt Janni’s eyes. She chose to look a little low to avoid hurting her eyeballs more.

She has been waiting for this. She spent sleepless nights due to excitement. The eyebags that have been perfectly hidden by the makeup can attest to that.

Slowly, sh……


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