Ember Of The Timber Coven


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The supernatural world has been at war with the Rogue King, Soren, for ten years. He has amassed an army of wolves, vampires and witches called the Mystics that leave bodies everywhere in their wake. His group of elemental warriors are known as the Realm Assassins. 
Recently, Soren has been on the hunt for something more powerful than what he already has in his arsenal, to keep as his queen. What will he find? 
Killian is the Alpha to the Nightshade pack. He is out looking for covens and other packs to ally himself with to face the war ahead of them. He is taken by surprise when he finds his mate is part of the Timber Coven he is trying to make connections with, but she's no witch. 
Ember is a powerful fire elemental that helps guard a coven of witches that she has lived with her entire life. She not only has the ability of fire manipulation but can also do basic magic. With her leadership ability, she is set out to be the next high priestess of the Timber Coven. That is until she finds her soulmate right next to her in a battle against a small unit of Mystics.   
Let's go on this adventure together, as we learn that Ember holds a secret that will bring about the death of hundreds but will also save thousands more. 


Tags: alphadarkpossessivematekickass heroinewitch/wizardbxgsupernature earthwitchcraftsupernaturalDreame Love Story Contest
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