Scarlett Brown - The Half Witch


Lydia_Lee Fantasy

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Being a witch was supposed to be fun, an unexpected surprise that Scarlett hoped to enjoy but she gets an even bigger surprise with the life she finds herself sucked into when she is driven off to Jeswing boarding school.

She is thrown into a whirlwind of secrets, lies, betrayal, ghosts and a hunter that's determined to kill the last hybrid, Scarlett Brown, but most importantly her unexpected love story with a certain blue-eyed vampire:

"He took a large gulp of air breathing me in, “I waited for you. Just like I promised,” he whispered into my ear. “Just like I’ve done in every life time.” As if we weren’t close enough I felt him bring me closer to him. I felt him chuckle and then he let go of me a little so he could look at me. “I memorized the scent of your soul. Even after all these years you still smell the same. You took a bit longer to come back to me this time ” He held my face in his hands I almost panicked seeing the tears on his face. “But here you are right in front of me. You are in my arms again Natalia.” He leaned his forehead against mine."

Antonio Vedal is a Vampire that has been searching for his love for more than a Hundred years and finally she comes back to him as a hot tempered half witch. He has lost her in many lives but he refuses to loose her in this one too.

Join Scarlett, Antonio, Amanda and the rest of the gang as they try to save the last hybrid.


Tags: goodgirlbxgmysterywittyfemale leadsmall townsupernature earthfirst loverebirth/rebornsupernatural
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Chapter Thirty-Three

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