The Lone Alpha (Book 5 of Forest Wolf Series)


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Sean is the fourth Alpha to be born in his family. His need to lead his own pack starts his journey in life and pushes him to travel to each pack to learn from every Alpha that he can. He’s on the hunt for knowledge, his Beta and his fated Luna. After searching the packs in the United States and coming up with nothing, he decides to travel the world in search of his future. This is where he meets Akila and they forge an everlasting friendship that lands her the Beta position of what will be Sean’s pack one day. Along their adventure, they learn of the evil that is in the world and the good that’s still in it. 
As the last stop in his journey, Sean ends up at college to study psychology while the pack is starting to build on the territory he has purchased. He’s unaware that he is right where he needs to be and finds his mate and future Luna. 
Paris has just started college and is looking forward to meeting new people and going on new adventures. What will happen when she meets a mysterious man named Sean that makes her feel in a way she never has before? She feels this automatic attraction and a pull to be around him constantly. What is that about?  
Will Sean accept the fact that he is fated to have a human as his mate? Or will he reject her after all he has done? Will she be able to accept the fact that he’s a werewolf or not? 
Book 1- The Alpha's Baby Sister
Book 2- The Borken Beta
Book 3- The Alpha and His Rogue
Book 4- The Hexed Luna
Book 5- The Lone Alpha


Tags: adventurealphapossessiveshifterdramabxgwerewolvespacksupernature earthfirst love
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Alpha Carter

Sean’s POV

~Eight years later 

    Today is Carter’s eighteenth birthday. It was crazy how fast time flew by to get us here, but I was ready to step down as Alpha and let him step in to be the man we raised him to be. I knew he was ready to lead us. He's responsible and we raised him to be the best version of himself.……


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