Royal Honeymoon Adventure


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A royal couple, Prince Marcus and his bride Princess Tina,just wedded, and decided to mark their honeymoon by going on an adventurer trip. An unpopular remote Island was chosen for this expedition. The couple and guard team joyfully set out as arranged. However, while moving within the deeper parts of the Island, they missed their way and got lost within the woods. As they began trying to find their way out, the team stumbled on a local group of natives, living in the Island interior's, far from modern life and civilization. Surprisingly, the couple and their team, were ,warmly received, and welcomed by the native Island dwellers .However, their short stay took a bitter twist: when some notorious gang group abducted the lovely princess and wife of the Charming Prince. Hurt and aggrieved, the daring Prince and a search team goes out for her rescue in the wilderness. The task is not only hazardous but very dangerous and strength sapping. It is just like walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Nevertheless, for the sake of the binding love and passion between this couple, there is no obstacle too much to surmount for the Prince. Until his dearly, beautiful wife is discovered and safely brought back into his waiting arms The road to rescuing the princess and their joyful reunion is indeed a great adventure tale of the 21st century..


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chapter 4 continued

The evening did not delay in coming. Immediately, it was evening the dinner guest being the Prince and his charming Princess were led straight to the palace . The palace was well beautified now to an extent. The head man had earlier given strict orders to his palace janitors to ensure a very clean environment for the dinner. The couple entered a……


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