Bound to the Billionaire


Adrien Bunni LGBT+

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 Nico's smile returned, and his eyes shone. When his gaze slid up my body, he brought a warm flush to my skin. I wanted him to find me as attractive as I found him.
"I've been waiting for you, Dimitri. I like this 'mating stuff.' It's comforting to know I'm destined to love someone so beautiful." He winked (winked!), tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. My mouth quivered. No one had called me that before, and I hated him for it.

"You may be an alpha, and you may be a billionaire, " I said, crossing my arms over my chest, "but this is my van. Get out."

He swung the door open. When he smiled, I wanted to trail my hands down every crevice of his body, draw the warmth of his skin to my fingers. The kiss had been too short. Even if I couldn't be with him, even if I didn't want him, I still missed him fitted against me, the pressure of his body, the scent of his skin.

"You're mine," he said, his voice lifting.

And I think, at that moment, I was.

Nico Asim is a billionaire. An alpha who can provide for his pack, a man who doesn't take 'no' for an answer.

Dimitri is none of the above. He's ashamed of his wolf and shudders a the thought of a mate. As a baker with a budding business, twenty-three-year-old Dimitri doesn't need the added obligation of a life-long partner. Let alone, a man who could control anyone with his money. The type of man that scares him.

But Dimitri can't deny the physicality and longing between himself and his fated lover. Dimitri's world is cracking open. He can have the man he's starting to love or everything he used to think he wanted, but he can't have both.



Tags: fatedmatesubmissivedramabxbwerewolvesenemies to loverssupernatural
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Chapter Forty-One: Drive

I was so tired of running that for a moment, in my sudden flee, I wanted to stop. I wanted to turn around and put myself back in the phone booth. I wanted to stand there and wait for Seth; if he wanted me, however cruel, however violent, however horrible the man had been to me and Nico, I was going to take it. I was going to fight. And if he ……


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