The Alpha's Fox Mate


Anne Louise Fantasy

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Girl Power - Chasing her Apollo Writing Contest

Marcelline Thorne Maynard is the youngest of the Alpha’s three daughters. Without male heirs who can take over Mariners Moon Pack, Marcy is forced to step in and become the next Alpha. She thought her situation was delicate enough when the Goddess blessed her with an opposite gender wolf - just like what happened to her father and mother, years ago. But soon enough, she finds herself in an even bigger mess when she discovers that her mate is a silver fox. Aware that werewolves and foxes are sworn enemies, what will Marcy do? Reject her mate and protect her title, or accept him and start a war?


“So, tell me. What do you want, Marcelline?” His voice was a soft whisper as he inched closer, brushing his nose against my cheek.
“I...I…” His light kisses on my chin made it terribly hard for me to concentrate. Why did I feel so helpless around him? I’m an Alpha, I don’t stutter - yet somehow, I could barely speak.
“Come on, tell me…” The platinum-haired man continued his teasing, raising his hand to delicately cup my face.
Fintan’s silky voice was hypnotizing; I was putty in his hands. As he trailed kisses down my neck, I got lost in the magical sensation of his frosty lips burning my porcelain skin. For a second, something clicked on me and I realized it didn’t matter that we barely knew each other. The sole fact that he was made for me, hand-chosen by the Goddess, should be enough for me to trust him. My body begged for his touch, my ears longed for his melodic voice; I didn’t want to fight the feeling any longer. In a blink of an eye, the words came out of my mouth, almost as if I was compelled to say them.
“I want you, Fintan,” I pleaded at last.


(This book is the second in the Switched Series. Although reading the first is not necessary, feel free to do it in case you'd like to know more about the switched wolf pair)


Tags: alphaforbiddenfateddominantindependentdare to love and hatebxgwerewolvessupernaturaltrickyStary Writing Academy III
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